Future of Work at ATD Virtual Conference


The future of work requires a new approach and new thinking when it comes to the capabilities of the workforce and how employees will be trained for jobs currently don’t exist.

You will hear from organizations at the forefront of research and application and from companies working on plans to future proof their workforce.

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Preview sessions in the Future of Work track
Adaptation and Social Capital in a Virtual Environment
Based on years of organizational network research, this session will share a proven, tested methodology for enabling tacit learning and innovation, even in a virtual world.
AI-powered Reskilling & Outskilling: Reimagining Layoffs in the Future of Work
In this session, we will explore a model for future layoffs that puts the human in the centre, leverages AI to deliver personalized recommendations and track progress, and is powered by technology to support scalability with inspiration case studies from 3 continents.
Moving From Color-Blindness to Racial Consciousness
This session will focus on moving talent development leaders from color-blindness to racial consciousness using a framework to increase racial intelligence.
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