Instructional Design at ATD Virtual Conference

Adapted from our popular ATD Core 4 Conference: the Instructional Design track will put you on the right path to understanding the fundamental elements of an effective instructional designer. Topics covered consist of post-training engagement, effective project management, storyboarding, microlearning, blended learning, effective evaluation, and more!

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Preview sessions in the Instructional Design track
Beyond ADDIE and SAM: Changing L&D's Approach to Lead in A Digital Age
During this session, you will meet the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model to deliver on-the-job performance. Learn about delivering L&D's new job of empowering learners with a set of learning assets available across the flow of work.
Awesome PowerPoint Techniques for Effective Presentations
This session will help you revolutionize the way you use PowerPoint to make your presentations and other training material more effective through visuals, diagrams, and animations. You'll also learn how to incorporate interactive elements to actively engage people, whether in-person or online.
Engaging E-Learning
In this session, we'll investigate the different types of e-learning, check out some key principles of good design, look at tons of examples, and talk about what to avoid in e-learning courses.
Unleash Your Potential at ATD Virtual Conference

Instructional Design content from ATD

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What's The Difference Between ADDIE & SAM?

Ethan Edwards discusses the differences between ADDIE and SAM.

Liberate Yourself From PowerPoint

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It's a Wrap

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Secrets for Using Video to Flip Your Employee Training, Onboarding, and More

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