Instructional Design Track

The Instructional Design track will put you on the right path to understanding the fundamental elements of an effective instructional designer. This track will also equip the most seasoned L&D professionals with new approaches to their design process. Introducing traditional methodologies and highlighting industry trends, this track will cover topics such as post-training engagement, project management, microlearning, blended learning, and more!

Training Delivery & Facilitation Track

The Training Delivery & Facilitation track provides facilitators with the tools and resources required to deliver training that engages their audience. This track will ensure that all your core bases are covered, including topics such as virtual learning, storytelling, improvisation, science of learning, managing classroom behaviors, visual aids, collaborating with subject matter experts, best practices in facilitation, engagement, and more!

Measuring Impact Track

The Measuring Impact track is designed to provide L&D professionals with strategies on effectively measuring and evaluating their learning. Instructional designers and facilitators will learn assessment strategies to apply from the beginning through the conclusion of their learning programs. Core topics covered include aligning training, practices in needs assessment, big data analysis, training return on investment, and more!

Technology Application Track

The Technology Application track is designed to provide trainers with the fundamentals of e-learning and using technology to support learning and performance. Whether you’re looking to design a more engaging and effective e-learning program or seeking to understand new trends, this track has something for you. Topics covered include e-learning design, gamification, virtual classroom facilitation, animations, learning ecosystems, and more!

Organization Development Track

As an organization development (OD) professional, you are aware of the benefits that come with engaging and advancing employees. A workplace in which they are valued and able to grow can decrease turnover rates and increase organizations’ profitability. Developing extraordinary OD programs is crucial to creating this type of workforce. The Organization Development track will provide you with the skills needed to develop employee programs at all levels and throughout their employment lifecycle.

Future of Work Track

The Future of Work requires a new approach and new thinking when it comes to the capabilities of the workforce and how employees will be trained for jobs currently don’t exist. Forward thinking organizations are already planning for future readiness and working to create a blueprint for how their organization works and develops talent now – and how they’ll do it in the future.