Measuring Impact at ATD Virtual Conference

Adapted from our popular ATD Core 4 Conference: the Measuring Impact track is designed to provide L&D professionals with strategies on effectively measuring and evaluating their learning.

Topics covered consist of aligning training, practices in needs assessment, big data analysis, training return on investment, and more!

Preview sessions in the Measuring Impact track
Deploying AI Chatbots for Creating Behavior Change and Evaluating Impact
In this session, you will learn how chatbots present an exciting opportunity to offer one-on-one coaching post-event to really make the learning stick.
Lean Learning: Cutting the Fat to Demonstrate Learning Value
This session will explore how to integrate e-learning with the Lean learning methodology so that learning organizations never isolate learning or e-learning.
Show Me the Money! Designing Programs That Deliver Positive Returns on the Investment
In this session, you will learn the basics of the ROI Methodology and how you can use it to design programs that pay off.
Unleash Your Potential at ATD Virtual Conference

Measurement and Evaluation content from ATD

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