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Keynote Presentations
The Importance of Creating A Compelling Personal Vision Statement: Why Now is the Perfect Time
There’s a lot of talk about how important it is for organizations to create a clear vision statement. But why don’t we encourage individuals to do the same? A vision statement has three elements: A Purpose—why you are in business; a picture of the future—where you are going; and a set of values—words and behaviors to guide the journey.

It is easy to get caught up in our cell phones, emails, deadlines, and balancing work with our personal lives. We often forget to step back and look at the big picture. Perhaps now with self-isolation in place, people have time to give this some dedicated thought. In this keynote, Ken Blanchard will encourage people to start working on their purpose statement by answering these questions: Why am I here?, What do I really want to be in the world?, and How am I doing on that? You will discover the importance of defining a picture of the future based on what you want to create, not what you want to get rid of, and focusing on the end result instead of the process to achieve it.

If organizations encourage individuals to create their own personal vision statements, they provide an environment where people will have shared values and goals, and they will flourish both personally and professionally. You will understand the importance of creating your own personal vision statement. You will leave with tools you need to define your purpose, picture of the future and values. You will be able to align personal values with organizational values to thrive at work and at home.

Keynote Speaker: Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer and Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies

StandOut Teams - How to Build Strong Teams Through Strengths
Some things change, some things stay the same. We all know the global pandemic has changed many things in the world of work. Not least is that many of us will have to do so much of our work virtually. What has not changed, however, is that all of this work will be done on teams. The greatest challenge for us now is how to build strong, productive, engaged and resilient teams when we’re so physically and psychologically disconnected. In this session, Marcus Buckingham, founder of the strengths revolution, will teach you how to use the StandOut Strengths Assessment to meet that challenge. Prerequisite: Complete the StandOut Strengths Assessment. *The StandOut Assessment is complimentary for ATD Virtual Conference attendees.

Keynote Speaker: Marcus Buckingham
Digital Body Language: The New Rules of Trust and Collaboration
During this unprecedented time of change and uncertainty, we are digitally collaborating faster and more often than ever before. We feel like we’re connected – but are we really? The world’s leading collaboration expert Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a thoroughly modern skill called Digital Body Language - the new signals and cues that deliver silo-busting collaboration, employee engagement and inspired cultures in a digital workplace.

In this session, you will learn how to master the art of Digital Body Language as the key to collaboration success and leadership in the 21st century. You will understand your collaboration style and what digital body language signals you are broadcasting (even if you don’t intend to!). You can reduce the confusion and frustration that comes with digital communication across all our various mediums, like email, phone, IM, text, video and even live meetings. You will be able to develop a digital collaboration strategy to create the highest performing teams and build trust and human connection, no matter the distance.

Keynote Speaker: Erica Dhawan
Influencing Through Story
Now more than ever, we need to harness our creative energies and communication superpowers to lead our organizations, our teams, and ourselves into the “next normal.” According to LinkedIn, creativity and persuasion were the #1 and #2 most in-demand soft skills in 2020, even before our world turned up-side down. Soft skills are what will get us through this season and put us on the path to growth again, especially the ability tell stories that inform, inspire, and activate.

Stories are a potent vehicle for influencing people to change, and it’s a skill that anyone can master at every level of an organization--from individual contributors to managers to leaders. Empathetically understanding your audience and constructing your communication in the shape of a story will help your ideas get traction. Communicating up, communicating data, communicating action, and communicating the dream are more important than ever. You can turn communication into a competitive advantage when all levels of an organization articulate and communicate through story.

In this keynote, story experts Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez will teach you how to use storytelling principles to influence people in many ways, from giving others the emotional fuel to get through a day, all the way to pushing the narrative of your company into a new era. You’ll walk away from this inspiring and practical session understanding the power of a classic story structure, how story speeds up decision making, how story mirrors the shape of change, and how you can use stories to move others to action.

Speaker: Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez
Co-Elevation Kickoff: Going Higher Together
Keith Ferrazzi, The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Never Eat Alone redefines collaboration with a radical new workplace operating system in which leadership no longer demands an office, an official title, or even a physical workplace. In times of stress, we have a choice: we can retreat further into our isolated silos, or we can commit to “going higher together.”

When external pressures are mounting, and employees are working from their homes in far-flung locations across the globe, we can no longer afford to waste time navigating the complex chains of command or bureaucratic bottlenecks present in most companies. But when we choose the bold new methodology of co-elevation as our operating model, we unlock the potential to boost productivity, deepen commitment and engagement, and create a level of trust, mutual accountability, and purpose that exceeds what could have been accomplished under the status quo. Regardless of your title, position, or where or how you work, the ability to lead without authority is an essential workplace competency.

In this keynote, Ferrazzi will draw on more than a decade of research and more than thirty years coaching executive teams to discover unexpected growth and decrease unsuspected risk. Looking to the north star of radical adaptability and co-elevation Ferrazzi will help us build high-performing teams and show us how we can all turn our colleagues and partners into teammates and truly reboot the way we work together.

Keynote Speaker: Keith Ferrazzi
Live Q&A
Join these popular speakers for a live Q&A session, where they will take questions from attendees. We recommend watching their accompanying sessions before joining the Q&A.
A Conversation with Britt Andreatta
Join Britt Andreatta live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Britt’s on-demand session “Wired to Aha! The Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Britt's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Britt Andreatta, CEO, 7th Mind, Inc.
A Conversation with Bob Wiltfong
Join Bob Wiltfong live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Bob's on-demand session “Communicate With Charisma: The Elements of Great Presentation Skills Training” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Bob's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Bob Wiltfong, Consultant/Author
A Conversation with Dan Pontefract
Join Dan Pontefract live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Dan's on-demand session “It's More Than Leadership: 9 Valuable Lessons of Leading Self and Leading Others” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Dan's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Dan Pontefract, Author, Thinker, Leadership Strategist, The Pontefract Group
A Conversation with Cindy Huggett
Join Cindy Huggett live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Cindy’s on-demand session “Secrets of Master Virtual Trainers: 5 Keys to Online Classroom Success” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Cindy's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Cindy Huggett, Principal Consultant, Cindy Huggett Consulting, LLC
A Conversation with Elaine Biech
Join Elaine Biech live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Elaine’s on-demand session “Your 20/20 Vision: Reimagine Your Future This Year” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Elaine's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Elaine Biech, president, ebb associates inc
A Conversation with Elliott Masie
Join Elliott Masie live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Elliott’s on-demand session “Learning During the Pandemic: Shifts, Disruptions, Empathy and Reskilling” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Elliott's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Elliot Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM
A Conversation with Erik Palmer
Join Erik Palmer live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Erik's on-demand session “Powerful Presentations: 11 Steps to Impressive Speaking” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Erik's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Erik Palmer, Author/speaker, Erik Palmer Consulting

A Conversation with Jack Phillips
Join Jack Phillips live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Jack's on-demand session “ROI on a Shoestring” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Jack's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Jack Phillips, chairman, ROI Institute, Inc.
A Conversation with JD Dillion
Join JD Dillion live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch JD’s on-demand session “Perform for Today, Develop for Tomorrow: Finding the Balance in Modern Workplace Learning” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear JD's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect, Axonify
A Conversation with Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick
Join Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick live as they answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch their on-demand sessions “An Essential Training Evaluation Question That Changes Everything” and “The Secret to Evaluating Nearly Any Type of Training” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear their thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Wendy Kirkpatrick, President, Kirkpatrick Partners
Jim Kirkpatrick, Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners
A Conversation with Joe Urbanski
Join Joe Urbanski live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Joe's on-demand session “Make Training a 'Want to' (Not a Have to)” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Joe's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Joe Urbanski, COO & Org Culture Strategist, Total Solutions Group
A Conversation with Karl Kapp
Join Karl Kapp live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Karl’s on-demand sessions “Beyond Gamification: Think Like a Game Designer to Create Engaging, Meaningful Instruction” and “Microlearning---Short and Sweet: Making Microlearning Work in Your Organization” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Karl's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Professor, Bloomsburg University

A Conversation with Kassy LaBorie
Join Kassy LaBorie live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Kassy’s on-demand session “All-New Spectacular Virtual Classroom Activities” and “Engaging Virtual Classroom Activities---Plus the Homework Assignment Participants Love!” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Kassy's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant, Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC
A Conversation with Keynote Keith Ferrazzi
Join Keith Ferrazi live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Keith's Keynote Presentation “Co-Elevation Kickoff: Going Higher Together” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Keith's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Keynote Speaker: Keith Ferrazzi
A Conversation with Keynote Ken Blanchard
Join Ken Blanchard live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Ken's Keynote Presentation “The Importance of Creating a Compelling Personal Vision Statement: Why Now is the Perfect Time” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Ken's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Keynote Speaker: Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer and Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies
A Conversation with Keynote Marcus Buckingham
Join Marcus Buckingham live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Marcus's Keynote Presentation “StandOut Teams - How to Build Strong Teams Through Strengths” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Marcus's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Keynote Speaker: Marcus Buckingham
A Conversation with Keynotes Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez
Join Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez live as they answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch their Keynote Presentation “Influencing Through Story” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear their thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Keynote Speaker: Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez
A Conversation with Kris Newbauer
Join Kris Newbauer live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Kris’s on-demand session “Beyond Level 2: Designing Impactful Learning Programs With Evaluation in Mind” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Kris's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Kristopher Newbauer, CHRO/Head of Global People & Talent, Rotary International
A Conversation with Megan Torrance
Join Megan Torrance live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Megan's on-demand session “Intro to LLAMA: Agile Project Management for E-Learning” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Megan's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Megan Torrance CEO TorranceLearning
A Conversation with Richard Goring
Join Richard Goring live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Richard’s on-demand session “Mind-Blowing PowerPoint. No, Really!” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Richard's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

A Conversation with Wendy Gates Corbett
Join Wendy Gates Corbett live as she answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch Wendy's on-demand session “7 Simple Rules for Creating Presentation Slides That Make Sense” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear Wendy's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: Wendy Gates Corbett, CPLP President, Refresher Training, LLC
A Conversation with William Arruda
Join William Arruda live as he answers questions from our ATD Virtual Conference attendees! We recommend that you watch William’s on-demand session “Digital You: Real Personal Branding in the Digital Age” beforehand and come prepared with questions. You will be able submit your questions and hear William's thoughts during the sessions. We will do our best to get all submitted questions reviewed and answered.

Speaker: William Arruda, Co-founder, CareerBlast.TV

Career Development Track
The Career Development track highlights trends and topics influencing a community of learning professionals interested in advancing their own careers and helping others develop their skills and expertise.
Amplify: Power Moves for Women and Their Allies to Ignite Impact
Time for action! In this session, you'll learn 'power moves' that will ignite your leadership career and amplify the impact of women leaders. Leveraging new research and interviews from powerful leaders, the speaker will share the business case for women in leadership, and actionable tips to create a gender-equitable workplace. Be inspired to find your power as a leader, and ignite the impact of the women you coach and mentor!
  • Amplify your influence as a leader and use these skills to propel your leadership career forward.
  • Build organizational support for gender equality initiatives by leveraging the latest research and connecting it to overall financial performance.
  • Apply new skills to help the women you coach and mentor ignite their impact, and build a stronger network of men who support gender diversity.

Speaker: Tacy Byham, CEO, DDI
Always be Ready: Change Is Inevitable in Life and in Your Career
Career changes are inevitable---new boss, merger, layoff, promotion, new job. We train everyone else how to navigate change yet we forget about ourselves. This session will focus on navigating these career changes and creating game plans to be ready for the changes that will come our way.
  • Discover how you think and feel about change and how to develop resilience.
  • Develop game plans to be ready for changes that will occur in your career.
  • Develop a specific action plan of what you will apply from this session, and how.

Speaker: Amy Dinning, Senior Manager, Talent Management, CommScope
Conflict De-escalation and Resolution
Conflict is everywhere. Learn how to resolve conflict in a way that leaves everyone better off. From calming the angry coworker to creating harmony in instructional approach, everything you need is here.
  • De-escalate conflict quickly.
  • Locate the source of disagreements and conflicts.
  • Synthesize solutions that are good for all parties.

Robert Bogue, President, Thor Projects LLC
Terri Bogue, COO, Thor Projects LLC
Digital You: Real Personal Branding in the Digital Age
Discover how to integrate real personal branding into today's digital learning landscape. Using examples of how digital personal branding is currently being applied, you'll learn how to use it to support your talent's career growth and engagement, and how to build your brand as an innovator.
  • Learn how personal branding has moved online and the implications for you and your talent.
  • Discover the three-step process for building an authentic and compelling digital brand.
  • Explore ways to build a socially savvy workforce and digital brand ambassadors at your company.

Speaker: William Arruda, Co-founder, CareerBlast.TV
How to Be a Great Remote Teammate
Do you have the skills you need---not just to get your work done, but also to be seen as a great remote teammate? In this session, you will learn the attributes of great remote teams, their leaders, and individual contributors. You'll use an assessment tool to identify strengths and gaps in how you work with others in a remote environment, and create an action plan for you and your team to address areas of concern.
  • Compare the common success traits of great remote teammates to your current skill sets to identify areas for improvement.
  • Coach and support others on your team or in your organization to be more effective individual contributors and team members.
  • Create an action plan to address skill gaps that may limit your effectiveness as a remote team member.

Speaker: Wayne Turmel, Co-Founder, The Remote Leadership Institute
Leveraging the Talent Development Capability Model for Growth
Learn about the Talent Development Capability Model, the new global standard for what talent development professionals need to know and do. See how the self-assessment process built into the interactive model can aid you as you design your blueprint for success. Hear about how the new personalized learning plan feature can help you and your teams design a path for growth and development.
  • Identify key KSAs for effective TD job performance.
  • Identify personal or team skill gaps to create a plan for further development.
  • Use the Talent Development Capability Model to structure your team for the future.

Speaker: Morgean Hirt, Director of Credentialing, ATD
Networking for People Who Hate Networking
This session provides unique tools for customized networking based on your placement on the introvert/extrovert spectrum.
  • Network externally and internally, enhance workplace relationships, improve communication, and build connections.
  • Understand your own personality style, learn to work with your unique strengths, and leverage your natural temperament.
  • Further your career, identify mentors, or find a job.

Speaker: Devora Zack, CEO, Only Connect Consulting, Inc.
Stellar Performance: Growing Your Performance and Career to the Highest Levels
What characteristics do stellar performers have that lead to successes? As Duke Ellington said, these employees are beyond category because they are true standouts in their work. Learn the seven stellar characteristics and what you can do to perform at the highest of levels advancing your career.
  • Identify what it takes to be a stellar performer.
  • Describe the characteristics of individuals who achieve this highest level of performance.
  • Determine what actions to take to learn the stellar characteristics and apply them to your work.

Speaker: Howard Prager, President, Advance Learning Group
The Art of Influencing Stakeholders
Attendees will be able to immediately apply skills to enhance their ability to influence WIN/WIN outcomes. By identifying underlying interests and common ground of all parties they will effectively manage differing views and expectations of project stakeholders. Thus, participants will be able to maintain productive relationships while achieving necessary results. By the end of this presentation, participants will understand the difference between long term, short term, tangible and intangible interests of all parties involved and how to use these interests to identify common ground.
  • Discover the art of using open-ended questions to uncover and deal with underlying issues of stakeholders.
  • Define approaches and behaviors common to influencing situations and determine individual strengths.
  • Explore the critical skills of active listening.

Speaker: Deborah Rinner, Chief Learning Officer, Vice President, Tero International
Women: Ignite Your Personal Brand! Market Your MAGIC
PT Barnum said, 'Without promotion, something terrible happens--nothing.' Hard work isn't enough for women to get hired and promoted. You must have a personal brand and market it, even if it's uncomfortable. Learn five ways to market your personal brand and leave with an action plan for success.
  • Enhance your reputation and demonstrate increased confidence and competence.
  • Build advocates by investing time and leveraging knowledge, experience, and relationships.
  • Communicate your brand with conviction and clarity through writing and speaking.

Marjorie Brody, Founder, BRODY Professional Development
Amy Glass, CEO, BRODY Professional Development
Your 20/20 Vision: Reimagine Your Future This Year
What do you want to be when you grow up? There's never been a better time to focus on yourself and your career. Whether you are choosing a new career, recommitting to your current position, or facing an unplanned move, join us and use ATD's new competencies to uncover your passion.
  • Apply four dozen questions to your aspirations and uncover your career passion.
  • Design a personal 20/20 vision with tactics to complete at and after ATD's main conference.
  • Apply three tools, four handouts, and five activities to help employees develop their career maps.

Speaker: Elaine Biech, President, EBB Associations Inc
Digital Transformation Track
For those interested how create a future focused, technology driven talent development function.
Tech Quotient: The Most Critical Work-From-Home Skill
Are you eager to get more done via the clever use of technology? It’s time to boost your TQ! TQ is the ability to learn, leverage, and share technology. In this class, you will discover time-saving Office 365, Outlook, smartphone, and PC tips. Best of all, learn a simple process that helps you get more done every day.
  • Discover a new system that increases job performance by boosting tech proficiency.
  • Discover and understand your own Tech Quotient profile.
  • Master five, time-saving technology tips and share them with colleagues.

Speaker: Mike Song, CEO,

Presented by:

Evaluating Impact Track
The Evaluating Impact track highlights implementing learning analysis process models and systems in order to measure talent development intervention, program effectiveness and organizational outcomes.
An Essential Training Evaluation Question That Changes Everything
Are you struggling to get supervisor buy-in for and participation in your training? Discover the game-changing question that will generate the support and involvement required for your programs to affect on-the-job performance and create meaningful results.
  • Learn the most important questions to ask training stakeholders and requesters.
  • Discover the starting point for any effective training.
  • Understand how to spend your time to generate maximum program impact.

Speaker: Jim Kirkpatrick, Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners
Creating Level 2 Quizzes and Tests That Actually Measure Something
Do you use quizzes and tests to assess if learners have grasped the content of your training programs? If so, then you'll want to attend this session to learn what the most common test creation errors are that compromise the validity of test items and 15 tips and techniques for overcoming these errors. You'll also learn the difference between test items that measure application versus those that measure recall.
  • Explore the common mistakes in Level 2 quizzes and tests that compromise the credibility of the results.
  • Apply 15 practical tips and techniques for overcoming these mistakes so that your Level 2 quizzes and tests produce scientifically sound data.
  • Discover the difference between Level 2 test items that measure job application versus those that measure mere recall and why it's important.

Speaker: Ken Phillips, CEO, Phillips Associates
Deploying AI Chatbots for Learning Transfer: Impact and Insights
Coach M, a learning transfer coaching chatbot, is navigating unchartered territory. How can you start integrating emerging technology into your learning initiatives? Could using AI for impact and insights help you deliver and demonstrate the outcomes your organization needs and wants?
  • Discover five key lessons learned from deploying chatbots for learning transfer.
  • Challenge your assumptions of what's possible with AI through insights from real client experiences.
  • Explore how three organizations used AI to increase learning impact various industries.

Speaker: Emma Weber, Lever - Transfer of Learning, CEO / Founder
ROI on a Shoestring
For most talent development professionals, the challenge is to evaluate programs with little or no budget. When measuring the success of a program, no metrics are more vital to top executives than business impact and ROI. This session shows how these evaluations are possible on a shoestring budget.
  • Select a learning or development program to evaluate at the ROI level.
  • Plan the evaluation study using job aids and simple tools.
  • Execute the study using shortcuts and cost-savings tips.

Speaker: Jack Phillips, Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc.
The Holy Grail: Capturing Level 3 Evaluation Data
To establish real credibility and prove value, L&D professionals need to measure whether participants applied back on the job what they learned in a training program. In this session, you will learn 12 practical tips and guidelines on how to capture elusive Level 3 data using a participant survey.
  • Recognize the common mistakes made by L&D professionals when creating Level 3 participant surveys.
  • Discover 12 practical tips and guidelines for overcoming these mistakes.

Speaker: Ken Phillips, CEO, Phillips Associates
The Secret to Evaluating Nearly Any Type of Training
You know how to evaluate traditional training, but what about microlearning, e-learning, and other types? Learn to show the value of any type of training using a blended evaluation plan. Discover key questions and considerations to keep in mind as you design and implement any training program.
  • Know the critical questions to ask training requesters and providers.
  • Understand how to evaluate any type of training to show its value.
  • Learn how to maximize training outcomes while minimizing the training budget.

Speaker: Wendy Kirkpatrick, President, Kirkpatrick Partners
What Caused It? Techniques to Isolate the Effects of Your Program
Learn techniques to isolate the effects of talent development programs. Help business partners better allocate resources to different programs. Case studies will demonstrate each technique. You will calculate the improvement in business measures as described in the case studies.
  • Describe the importance of isolating the effects of programs.
  • Apply at least three techniques to isolate the effects of programs.
  • Determine when to use each of the techniques covered in this session.

Speaker: Patti Phillips, Ph.D., CPTD, CEO, ROI Institute, Inc.
Global Perspectives Track
The Global Perspectives track highlights trends and topics influencing a community of professionals from all over the world, with an interest in developing global talent, sharing regional best practices and conducting global benchmarking.
Bonding Without Borders: Fostering Engagement Within a Global Team
In an increasingly globalized workplace, how do you bridge the distance to form the personal bonds essential to collaboration within your team? Learn how a training team created a crucible of trust to forge innovation in a supportive and creative dynamic.
  • Hear about how a global team built collaborative relationships to become one team.
  • Foster trust and cohesion for an environment in which all team members' input is valued.
  • Ask questions that can help you adopt engagement practices within your own organizations.

Adebola Awoyinka-Schlueter, Corporate Training Specialist, Vrbo - Expedia
Julie Camus, Soft skills Trainer, VRBO Expedia
Sara Molera, Soft Skills Training Specialist, Vrbo (Expedia Group)
Amy Shilliday, Training Specialist, Vrbo
Stephen Wrench, Vrbo / Expedia Group, Global Training Manager
Developing Your Organization's Digital Inclusion Habits
Organizations are not keeping pace with the digital demands of the new workplace. As an L&D leader, you are positioned to lead this charge and insure people are committed to developing strong digital habits that create an inclusive culture, no matter where or how people are working.
  • Define what digital inclusion habits looks like.
  • Examine how the lack of good digital habits impact employees, teams, and the organization.
  • Engage in best practice sharing of resources and tips for developing digital habits.

Trina Hoefling, Adjunct Faculty, Thought Leader, University of Southern California
Kathy Kacher, Co-founder, The SMART Workplace
Digital Fluency: Essential Skills for the Globally Connected Workplace
In today's globally connected workplace, we are all challenged to communicate, connect, and collaborate with clients and colleagues whom we can no longer meet face to face. Having to manage these virtual connections over time, distance, from different cultures, and using new technologies like Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Zoom means we need new skills to be as effective as we are face to face--we need to develop digital fluency!
  • Explore a competency model to develop your digital fluency.
  • Discover how your virtual interactions need a different approach, mindset, and skills.
  • Develop virtual presence to be more effective in your virtual interactions.

Speaker: David Smith, CEO & Founder, DS Virtually
Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices: We've Learned What Works!
Ninety-five global practitioners and scholars have learned what works to successfully implement diversity and inclusion. Three experts will share examples you can easily replicate in your organization. These are not random activities, but systemic change efforts with proven innovative strategies.
  • Use an organizational systems change approach to diversity and inclusion.
  • Apply D&I research done globally to meet local requirements.
  • Discover D&I best practices that can be easily replicated in your organization.

Ralph de Chabert, Senior VP, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation
Nene Molefi, CEO, Mandate Molefi Human Resource Consultants
Julie O'Mara, Board Chair, The Centre for Global Inclusion
Driving a Learning Strategy Through a Global L&D Center of Excellence
At Kimberly-Clark, a Global Center of Excellence for Learning and Development was established September 2014. With lean staffing, a matrix structure and functional / capability 'shadow' training organizations, the challenge was to align organizational learning behind a single strategy, vision and process. This case study will take learners through the business case that supported the implementation, the process K-C used to create a common approach to learning and the steps the team took over align and lead a central strategy and process in a matrix structure globally. We'll also share the successes and the watch outs learned along the way.
  • Discover the process the speaker's organization followed to build a learning strategy and process.
  • Explore the 'must-dos' and the 'watch outs' the speaker's organization learned along the way.

Speaker: Kimberly Currier, Senior Director, Talent, Americas, AECOM
From Hype to Performance
This session, a round table discussion with four leading international experts in the application of neuroscience, will give you in-depth insights that strike at the heart of this year's overarching theme, 'Discovering Learning'.
  • Come away with specific examples, ideas, and resources to implement in your organization.
  • Engage stakeholders with new ways to drive performance.
  • Face the unrelenting change in today's (and tomorrow's) world.

Speakers: Stella Collins, Chief Learning Officer, Brain Ladies
Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer, Learningtogo
Ria Van Dinteren, Director, Breinwerk BV
Global Insights - Learning Lessons From Across the Globe: Business Continuity in Time of Disruption
During the last four months, talent development and learning departments across the world were forced to reorganize their daily operations and adopt new, more agile ways of working to achieve continuity in their operations. Following months of lockdown and a work-from-home mandate, certain global regions are now beginning to slowly relax many of their restrictions. What can we learn from each region’s experience? Featuring talent development experts from across the globe, this expert panel will draw from personal experiences on how they successfully lead their teams through uncertainty as well as share their TD best practices to ensure business continuity and prepare employees to return to the workplace.
While no business can predict the next big disruption, there are ways to plan ahead.
This interactive, online panel discussion will go into more depth about:
  • COVID-19’s impact on the overall business and talent development function.
  • Talent development during COVID-19: opportunities and challenges.
  • Developing a contingency plan for your TD function
  • Converting from classroom to virtual learning solutions.
  • Communicating effectively with your employees and business leaders.
  • Top learning lessons for other TD functions to take away from the United States, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and European regions.

Speakers: Chan Lee, Department of Agricultural & Vocational Education, Seoul National University
Andy Trainor, Vice President, Learning, Walmart U.S.
Marek Hyla, Senior Learning Principal, Accenture
Maria Ho, Research Director, Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Faisal Al-Hajji, Founding President; General Manager - Training & Development (T&D), ATD-MENA Network; Saudi Aramco
Insights From Asia Pacific -Stepping Into the New Norm: How Global Disruptors Redefine the Learner Experience (Post COVID-19)
The COVID-19 crisis placed the physical world on hold while keeping the digital world busier than ever before. The disruptions to work routines are forcing talent professionals to assess the implications on the business and employees as they head back to their normal work styles. Featuring talent experts based in the Asian-Pacific region, this panel will discuss how to:
  • Prepare for the new normal future of learning.
  • Reignite employee morale and engagement.
  • Prioritize the learner’s health, safety, and well-being above all else.
  • Be agile and nimble in executing the new and updated learning strategy.

Speakers: David Hendrick Jr. Director, Centre for Healthcare Innovation - People Development, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Koko Nakahara, Director Representative; Chairperson , Instructional Design, inc.; ATD Global Network Japan
Jenny Wu Yan, Director of HR, Kohler K&B (Kitchen & Bath) China
Wei Wang, Senior Director of ATD Global, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Insights From Europe - The Rise of Digital and Online Learning: How COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Future of Learning
With the massive spike in demand for remote working platforms and online learning, this period will spur on digital transformation out of necessity. There is a deep sense of urgency to rapidly translate face-to-face learning into virtual learning seamlessly and effectively. This European-focused panel discussion will share their insight about how COVID-19 turned online and digital learning into the primary L&D priority. Topics that will be covered include:
  • Integrating social and experiential learning into your online L&D strategy.
  • Five rules of thumb for selecting a learning technology supplier.
  • Vetting, selecting, and implementing solutions.
  • Partnering with stakeholders to align on priorities and identify right-fit solutions.

Speakers: Daniel Jones, Training Manager, Daniel Swarovski AG
Evelyne Van Vosselen, Director – Leadership and Organizational Development, Bridgestone
Beth Yoder, Head of Professionalization & Innovation in Education, University of Groningen
Simon Wallis, Head of People & Development, Newtyne
Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader, ATD Facilitator, aNewSpring
Insights From Latin America - Business and Learning Continuity: Maintaining High Levels of Productivity During Unpredictable Times (Delivered in Spanish)
With the shift to teleworking environments, talent professionals need to successfully keep teams engaged remotely and minimize losses in productivity. They are expected to know how to work remotely, motivate their teams, and identify the tech tools to remain productive. This LATAM-focused panel discussion will share insights about how to:
  • Maintain productivity levels through economic disruption.
  • Plan for business and learning continuity.
  • Convert face-to-face to online learning.
  • Minimize the disruptions caused to the talent development strategy.

Speakers: Alejandro Jimemez, Certified ROI Professional (CRP), Agile Learning and Development, Evangelist, Director edupraxis
Claudia Alfaro, Innovation & Digital Strategist / Change Agent / Digital Transformation, Head of Corporate Training, Laboratoria
Luiz Castanha, General Director, Telefonica Digital Education
Nora Villafuerte, VP of HR, Nestlé, Mexico
Nelson Santiago, Head of Regional Development, ATD Global Americas, Caribbean and Africa, Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Insights From the Middle East - COVID-19 and The Workforce: Effectively Leading Remote Teams During a Crisis
The current COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented situation; it’s ever-changing, highly complex, and unique in nature. Unfit leadership can create long-term harmful effects on the supply chain, customers, employees, and the wider workforce. Leaders are expected to improve the organization’s likelihood to survive and grow through this crisis. Hosting TD and business experts based in the Middle East, this panel will discuss how to
  • Build organizational resilience during and beyond COVID-19.
  • Lead virtual teams and manage remote workers.
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence, empathy, trust, and compassion while maintaining productivity levels.
  • Achieve the required business results by learning the virtual skills needed to boost morale and engagement levels.

Speakers: Bahaa Hussein, International Facilitator, ATD Master Trainer™, Managing Partner, SIMDUSTRY®
Emma Seymourm, Vice President of Worker Welfare - Worker Welfare, Expo 2020 Dubai
Nina Olatoke, VP Human Resources - Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
Elizabeth Hannah, Associate Director, Learning Delivery Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Taking a Performance Approach to Your Work Regardless of Your Role
There is a greater need from clients to generate results. Yet many ATD members work in roles where they are limited in the range of solutions they can provide. This session will focus on how to take a performance focus with your work when your role may appear to limit your ability to be a performance consultant. This session will explain how instructional designers, training facilitators, technical writers, and other professionals with very focused roles that may appear to be very limited in their range of options can actually take a performance-based approach to enhance their work. This session is not aimed at performance consultants. Rather, it is aimed an individuals with little to no performance background or in roles that appear to restrict the ability to take a performance approach to work problems. Participants will get a chance to practice and learn a series of practical techniques that will improve their ability to generate better performance solutions with the work that they do.
  • Identify specific steps and actions to be more performance-focused in your current role.
  • Practice using specific performance tools to demonstrate how to be more performance-focused in how you do your work.

Speaker: Joe Willmore, President, Willmore Consulting Group
Instructional Design Track
The Instructional Design track focuses on trends and topics related to the process of analyzing the learning needs and goals for designing instructional materials to meet those needs.
7 Crucial Factors to Make Transfer Happen
Professionals working in Talent Development want to get the best results from learning programs. Yet, most experts agree that usually only 20% of learning is implemented in the workplace. If we compare this to for example a boat shuttle 'transferring' people from one place to another: would clients of this shuttle accept a successful transfer rate of only 20%...? In an era of worldwide growing accountability, it's our mission as Talent Developers to increase the rate of transfer. Because in the end, it's only on-the-job behavior that matters: the business only benefits when learning positively impacts performance. Ensuring learning transfer is therefore an important challenge facing Talent Developers today. But how can we make sure that learning program have a high rate of transfer? What makes learning really work? I've lead a research on how transfer took place by analyzing training programs and interviewing workers, managers and clients of international organizations. The key question during the research was: what proved to help employees to perform better in the workplace after learning activities? The conclusion was that 7 factors were crucial to make a great transfer happen. These 7 factors enhanced the learning process in a way that results in the workplace are increased. To know about the 7 factors and how to apply them in learning programs, instantly helps instructional designers, trainers and managers to make learning programs more effective in the workplace.
  • Learn about the seven factors take make transfer happen and how to apply them in every learning program in your organization.
  • Use an app to discover how effective your learning programs are based on their effectiveness of the seven factors.
  • Gain valuable benchmarks on how your company or your learning program scores compare to other organizations.

Speaker: Laura Ouden, Owner, Expert Trainers
7 Simple Rules for Creating Presentation Slides That Make Sense
Presentations slides are our visual voice-the way we communicate visually. Yet we see (and sometimes create) slides that are laden with words, images, and data and we have no earthly idea what the slides are saying. Whether we're presenting to the executive team or to newly hired employees, our slides need to clearly, visually communicate to clarify our point. For professionals who deliver presentations that are intended to move our organizations and its people forward and for professionals who design those presentations, the ability to create slides that make sense is mission critical. This session combines the science of learning with seven easy-to-apply rules for designing presentation slides that help learners and audience members see your point. Since the rules are rooted in neuroscience, the session will include a brief summary of how the brain processes words, images, and data followed by an introduction of the seven rules. Each rule will be described, discussed and demonstrated using real-life slides as examples and non-examples. Attendees should be familiar with PowerPoint or other presentation software and be comfortable navigating browsers to search for and save images.
  • Evaluate a presentation and its slides to select the key idea for each.
  • Apply the rules for creating presentation slides that clearly communicate using words, images, and data.
  • Identify one presentation to which you can apply one or more of the rules in the next 30 days.

Speaker: Wendy Gates Corbett, President, Refresher Training, LLC
Beyond Level 2: Designing Impactful Learning Programs With Evaluation in Mind
This session links the 'Analysis' and 'Evaluation' pieces of the ADDIE framework to better inform Design, Development, and Implementation. While evaluation is the emphasis of this session, the focus is on designing stronger learning programs that are directly linked to addressing business issues and that have demonstrable results beyond Level 2.
  • Use evaluation tools to inform instructional design strategies.
  • Create learning activities that are linked to desired impact.
  • Deliver an evaluation plan with every instructional design package.

Speaker: Kristopher Newbauer, CPLP, CHRO/Head of Global People & Talent, Rotary International
Caffeinated Training Design: An Engagement-Centered Process
Admit it. You've multitasked or nodded off during a training class, and you worry that your participants might do the same. This session will explore nine 'add-ins'-ways to infuse creative activities that avoid the boredom of lecture and keep everyone awake. Learn how to add caffeine to your design and delivery without needing the coffee. Walk away with a color-coded, easy-to-implement process you can use right away!
  • Add new engagement strategies to the design and delivery of your next training program.
  • Understand and describe key research on learner engagement and retention of information.

Speaker: Anne Beninghof, Consultant, Owner, Author, Caffeinated Learning
Crash Course in Visual Design
Did you know that the visual design of e-learning and slides has a big impact on learner success? Well-designed materials can motivate learners, improve comprehension, and assist retention. If you need a rapid way to improve your instructional materials, join this session to learn the power principles that will have the biggest impact on your designs. We'll look into ways that you can apply each principle for maximum success.
  • Use shapes, images, text, and layout to effectively communicate the right message to your audience.
  • Discover ways to transform slides filled with bullet points into a visual format.
  • Apply the foundation principles of visual design to slides, e-learning, job aids, and other instructional materials for maximum impact.

Speaker: Connie Malamed, Learning Experience Design Consultant, Connie Malamed Consulting
Find the Magic: Produce Better Outcomes By Designing Intentional Experiences
Are your learning interactions and solutions in the 'sweet spot' of optimal value or the awkward corner of missed opportunity? This session walks through design thinking tools that set you up to create magic: experiences that resonate with your learners while also delivering value to the business.
  • Think of and plan for the entire learning journey rather than just for events or courses.
  • Use a variety of tools to get perspective and ID problems to solve.
  • Incorporate learner into testing process to ensure relevance and value.

Sharon Boller, Managing Director, TiER1 Performance
Laura Fletcher, Senior Program Manager, Salesforce
From ILT to E-Learning: A Conversion, Evolution, or Revolution?
"Ever had to decide how best to turn existing Instructor-led training into e-learning---and with a specific business impact to make? When (and why!) do you give that ILT a redesign, when do you evolve it, and when do you need to revolutionize the learning? See use cases (and your project) in action.
  • Apply saying, thinking, feeling, doing methods to link the training to organizational initiatives.
  • Tighten up and calibrate ILT content for big-impact, evolutionary e-learning tactics.
  • Survey tech use cases that prove this change method works.

Speaker: Kate Worlton-Pulham, Senior Performance Consultant, AllenComm
Game Design for the Classroom: It's Easier Than You Think
Games don't need to be complex to get the job done; in fact simple is better. This session will provide an overview of more than 10 familiar games and a version adapted for classroom learning. Get inspired by several common games and teach basic concepts, communication, and more.
  • Provide examples of familiar games that can be modified for classroom use.

Speaker: Jillian Douglas, Co-Owner / CLO, Idea Learning
Is Your Training Truly Participant Centered? Four Vital Signs to Measure PC Health!
In training, there are vital signs of learning. Is your content participant centered (PC)? Do your learners experience the power to choose and a sense of belonging? Get reusable job aids and checklists. When your PC vitals are healthy, retention and application improve dramatically.
  • Examine four vital signs of participant-centered training in live and online training.
  • Discover the biggest threats to engagement and retention and what you can do to overcome them.
  • Explore six ideas you can use to put people in charge of their own learning.

Speaker: Becky Pike Pluth, President & CEO, The Bob Pike Group
Make Powerful Infographics, Fast!
Harness the power of infographics to improve understanding, recollection, and adoption. Learn how to turn words, data, and ideas into clear, compelling graphics. No design skill or previous experience needed. Attend this session and increase your success rate.
  • Turn words and ideas into clear, compelling graphics.
  • Visualize anything and improve writing and development speeds up to 50 percent.
  • Spend less money and time making graphics using free and low-cost tools.

Speaker: Mike Parkinson, Owner, Billion Dollar Graphics
Making Bite-Sized Work: 5 Tips for Creating Effective Microlearning
How do you ensure your microlearning has maximum impact? You need best practices for how to design it well. In this session, we'll share five recommendations for designing effective microlearning and will show examples for each of the microlearnings used by organizations to improve performance.
  • Discover five best practices for designing microlearning that rocks.
  • Identify where microlearning can be used in your organization, both in and out of the workflow.
  • Identify which microlearning best practices will make the biggest difference in your organization.

Speaker: Carla Torgerson, Director of Instructional Design, Bull City Learning
Microlearning on the Go: A Rapid Framework to the Rescue
People have precious moments to spare and training must have relevance to the workday. The use of microlearning can provide key learning in the workflow. In this session, you will move beyond theory to complete a rapid microlearning framework building your own content that is effective and usable.
  • Apply a nine-point microlearning framework to determine if microlearning is the answer.
  • Have the ability to rapidly deconstruct macro content into micro-sized learning nuggets.
  • Use the definitions and examples provided to identify traits of effective microlearning.

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Owner, Learning Rebels
Microlearning---Short and Sweet: Making Microlearning Work in Your Organization
Is it a text message? A video? Is it shorter than five minutes? Questions swirl around the term 'microlearning.' We'll define microlearning and it's permutations and describe how it can be used as part of a training strategy by matching the right type of microlearning to the right learning need.
  • Learn to apply the right type of microlearning to right learning needs of the organization.
  • Discover how to design and develop microlearning so that it's to the point and engaging.
  • Discover how microlearning fits into a larger learning strategy within an organization.

Robyn Defelice, Director of Training, Revolve Solutions, LLC
Karl Kapp, Professor, Bloomsburg University
Mind-Blowing PowerPoint. No, Really!
Why are most presentations so bad? Truly terrible? Few enjoy creating, giving, or viewing PowerPoint presentations, so let's change it. Explore techniques to create mind-blowing presentations using only standard PowerPoint. Want to know how to create visual slides? Master animations? Make it interactive? And produce presentations that will astound the audience? This session shows ways to capture your audience's attention and help them learn.
  • Build visual slides using the full range of PowerPoint's tools to generate your own graphics.
  • Tell compelling stories using animations, from simple to sophisticated.
  • Create interactive visual content to engage your audience, whether in person or online.

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon
Moments That Matter in Adult Learning: What Makes or Breaks a Learning Experience?
In the age of human-centricity, it is imperative to personalize learning. The Moments That Matter in Adult Learning model and the results of the research based on it will help you understand what makes or breaks learning efficiency and apply significant instructional design approaches.
  • Explore and understand the value of the Moments that Matter in Adult Learning model.
  • Discover positive and negative effects of the model in all stages of learning intervention.
  • Apply selected moments on the job to build a better learner experience.

Speaker: Marek Hyla, Senior Learning Principal, Accenture
Greg Plezia, Learning Prinicipal, Accenture Poland
PowerPoint Add-Ins to Transform PowerPoint's Capabilities
PowerPoint add-ins are a great way to transform PowerPoints by giving them capabilities that speed things up, eliminate manual tasks, or give you completely new abilities (like check 508 compliance issues and fix them). This session reviews the best PowerPoint add-ins and what they can do for you.
  • Do new things with PowerPoint that weren't possible before.
  • Save time and effort to automate complex and manual tasks.
  • Find the best add-ins for your needs, including freebies and that are worth paying for.

Speaker: Jamie Garroch, Senior Technical Consultant, BrightCarbon
Same Training, Half the Time: Delivering Results for Busy Learners
Can 10 pounds of training fit into a five-pound bag? Impossible, right? Especially when time is tight and expectations are high. Yet, in today's time-constrained workplace, organizations must develop their workforce faster to compete and achieve business results. Don't get left holding the bag!
  • Overcome three challenges: time constraints, unrealistic expectations, and learner disengagement.
  • Improve job satisfaction and the effectiveness of training in your organization.
  • Build a reputation for developing streamlined learning that has immediate application.

Speaker: Kimberly Devlin, Managing Director, EdTrek, Inc.
Strategies for Activating Scripting to Drive Learner Engagement
Don't let a great design strategy fall flat with a dry, formal, head-nodding script. Many designers often confuse engagement and interaction with making learners do a lot of onscreen clicking, and they forget about the mental engagement that can come from good, active, conversational writing.
  • Write learning objectives in a way that demonstrate value.
  • Test what elements to integrate into your scenarios to engage learners.
  • Discover how to shift from telling to engaging through your content presentation.

Speaker: Cammy Bean, Senior Solutions Consultant, Kineo
The Gamification of Talent Development
Simply defined, gamification uses game mechanics and rewards for non-game applications in order to increase engagement and loyalty. Gamification is an important and powerful strategy for influencing and motivating people. The good news is that Gamification does NOT mean making a computer or a video game, and expecting it to motivate people it means taking the concepts around games and using them in an authentic way to drive the behavior you want to get. This session is designed to help you: Identify the current best practices in gamification, Avoid 4 major mistakes when planning your gamified experience, Upgrade your organization's learning programs through gaming scenarios, Discover the 5 essential steps to developing a successful Gamification program, Approach gamification from a practical viewpoint for your organization. You'll learn how and why Gamification works, in what context it is most effective, and what the limits are to this approach of employee engagement in corporate learning and talent development.
  • Discover how to create a fun, collaborative gamification experience to produce behavioral and attitudinal change in education, talent development, productivity, and even quality of life.
  • Learn how gamification tackles challenging problems and captures measurement, behavior analysis, and engagement in ways that can provide a real-time understanding of performance.
  • Use gamification mechanics and motivators to generate needed change, and enable your organizations to meet your business or learning objectives.
  • Map a practical method for approaching gamification in your organization.

Speaker: Monica Cornetti, President, Sententia Gamification
What to Do When Learning Is Not the Answer
Imagine this: A few weeks ago, a manager identified a potential opportunity to enhance employee performance by offering a learning event. As a good instructional designer, you conduct a thorough needs analysis. You just wrapped up the analysis of collected data and make an interesting discovery. The assessment has uncovered that learning (or learning alone) will likely not address the identified need. Most of us have been in this situation. The question is this: What do we do and how do we make this case to our client? In this session, we'll explore a method for navigating this conversation, by identifying three root cause categories which underlie business and performance results. We'll discuss root cause examples and both instructional and non-instructional solutions appropriate to each category. Finally, we'll discuss a process for helping your client select the right set of solutions.
  • Categorize root causes as external to the organization, internal to the organization, or internal to individuals.
  • Identify solutions to address root causes.
  • Help clients select an appropriate set of solutions.

Speaker: Chris Adams, Senior Consultant, Handshaw, Inc.
What's Wrong With This Course? Quality Assurance Strategies for Learning and Development Materials
Learning and development teams create products, and like any other product, they should go through a vigorous quality assurance and control process before being released to the public. In this session, you'll learn how to build and implement a robust quality management process for your organization.
  • Explain the importance of prioritizing quality control throughout the design and development process Implement strategies for designing quality management processes within your organization.
  • Document errors using a consistent pattern that gets developers the information they need.

Speaker: Hadiya Nuriddin, Instructional Designer and Learning Strategist, Duets Learning
Why E-Learning Fails: Critical Pathways to Measurable Success
E-learning is amazing, powerful, and wonderful when done well, but boring, pedantic, impersonal, and ineffective when used in ways contrary to research on human learning and successful designs. This session presents principles, demos, and counter examples to inspire and empower designers to succeed.
  • Cite and apply 11 critical research-based principles of how people learn.
  • Detect and avoid common ways to cripple the effectiveness of e-learning.

Speaker: Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions
Christoper Allen, Chief Strategy Officer, Allen Interactions
Won't You Be My Trainer? Practical Lessons From Mr. Rogers
Mr. Rogers defined memorable learning for generations, and his simple, powerful techniques can elevate your training, too. This session will explore how you can apply Mr. Rogers' strategies to create experiences participants will remember and share long after formal learning concludes.
  • Select and integrate strategies that will contribute to memorable training sessions.
  • Develop and deliver training sessions that will engage learners.
  • Recognize the value of intention when selecting and incorporating training techniques.

Alison French, Managing Director, Alto Solutions, LLC
Stephanie Hubka, Managing Partner, Protos Learning
Leadership Development Track
The Leadership Development track highlights trends and topics influencing a community of leaders driving strategy, developing talent, and building a strong global workforce.
Acoustic Leadership: Developing a Leadership Culture That Resonates
Unplugged. Authentic. Impactful. Our leaders need to inspire, unleash innovation, and drive results. Let's make it simple! Based on the research from his forthcoming book, the speaker will introduce his approach to developing leadership cultures that resonate.
  • Create a culture of simplicity, where leaders make it simple for everyone to do their best work.
  • Build safety and authentic connections to drive innovation and create high-trust work environments.
  • Retain and develop talent by unplugging, prioritizing, and helping people develop mastery.

Speaker: Rick Lozano, Founder, Unlock & Amplify
Building the Learning Enterprise
Discover how you, the learning professional, can be a catalyst for creating the true learning enterprise that will take us successfully into what most foresee will be a challenging and uncertain future. This session will focus on how you can lead your enterprise into a future where an advanced learning mindset and capabilities are embedded in the DNA of everything: processes, mindsets, roles, structures, strategies, team activities, skill requirements, cultural norms, and learning programs and tools.
  • Assess your organization as a learning enterprise.
  • Recognize strengths to build on and an area for development focus.
  • Identify a personal development goal for evolving the organization as a learning enterprise.

Speaker: Patricia A. McLagan, McLagan International, Inc.
Business as UNusual
As organizations and communities begin to open up and contemplate life beyond the immediate COVID crisis, there is an anticipation of return to normalcy. But it will be anything but normal as we return not to business as usual, but business as UNusual. What might those changes look like and how can you, as a leader, recognize what your employees need from you?
  • Recognize what employees are struggling with in a post-crisis environment of uncertainty.
  • Understand how leaders need to shift their expectations during the transition back – and beyond.
  • Learn how leaders can meet their employees where-they-are with a cautious resiliency.

Speaker: Leah Clark, Director, Strategy and Planning, GP Strategies

Presented by:

COVID-19: A Leadership Opportunity for Training Departments
The coronavirus is presenting unprecedented challenges to people and organizations around the world. At the same time, the crisis is going to present training leaders with an opportunity to create a workplace that is better-trained than ever before. An eminent team of scientists and training experts will describe short-term and long-term strategies to improve training, promote employee well-being, and provide new forms of leadership. The aim of the panel is to give you a compelling answer when your CEO asks, "What should training be doing in the next 10 months and the next 10 years?"

Speaker: Glenn Bonci, Senior Consultant, HR Creative Group
Art Kohn, Professor, ASPIRE Consulting Group
Sandra Sephton, Professor, University of Louisville
Dave Simpson, Chair, University of Louisville Sustainability Council, University of Louisville
Developing Leadership at Every Level
Right now employees everywhere are being asked to step up, be agile, and practice resilience. In these rapidly changing times of uncertainty, improvisation uniquely provides opportunities to practice business critical skills like empathetic listening, clear communication, and team building.
  • Understand how improvisation is a practical tool for leadership in business.
  • Explore the underlying behavioral science that supports an improvisational approach.
  • Learn from the leadership stories of Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and Keegan-Michael Key.

Speaker: Kelly Leonard, Executive Director of Learning and Applied Improvisation

Presented by:

Developing Strategic Thinking and Planning Capabilities: Sales Force to C-Suite
New research shows that the #1 most important competency of a leader is strategic thinking. Yet, only 2 out of every 10 managers are strategic. Led by New York Times bestselling author on strategy Rich Horwath, you'll learn tools and frameworks to help managers across all levels and functions of your business develop their strategic capabilities.
  • Use the 3A Strategic Thinking Framework to think strategically on a daily basis to move from tactical to strategic.
  • Understand the different approaches for developing strategic capabilities across all levels of the organization.
  • Acquire new tools and techniques for yourself and others in all functions to think, act, and plan strategically.

Speaker: Rich Horwath, CEO, Strategic Thinking Institute

Presented by:

Emotional Intelligence - Game Changing for Business. Life Changing for People.
Interested in increasing engagement, resilience, productivity, well-being, leadership effectiveness or profitability? Enhancing creativity, collaboration and culture? Emotional Intelligence involves a set of skills that define how well we recognize and respond to emotions - and our emotions influence our decisions, behavior and performance. Lifting Emotional Intelligence has a direct positive impact on ROI. After this session, you will be able to:
  • Personally experience emotional intelligence.
  • Apply the science of emotions to the workplace.
  • Translate organizational core values into observable behaviors that can be measured.

Speaker: Debbie Muno, Managing Partner, The Ei Academy - Genos International

Presented by:

Encouraging Courage: Training for Workplace Bravery
What would your career be like if you had just a little more courage? What if everyone in your workplace had more courage too? This session will strengthen your backbone so you can step up to challenges, seize opportunities, seek out leadership roles, assert your capabilities, and get results!
  • Courage provides the backbone leaders need to forge the future and face fierce challenges.
  • Courage is the antidote to worker complacency and promotes employee engagement.
  • Courage is especially needed in times of economic and cultural uncertainty, like now.

Speaker: Bill Treasurer, Chief Encouragement Officer, Giant Leap Consulting, Inc.
End to End: Developing Your Leaders From Start to Finish
Receive a framework and tools for how to effectively develop new leaders and those who are looking toward retirement. Get the top of your leadership pipeline unclogged and ensure both groups have a path forward aligned with your leadership development goals.
  • Identify key considerations for new and longtime leader development.
  • Explore aspects of work identity and its impact on leadership development and retirement.
  • Implement a framework for both groups to complement your leadership development initiatives.

Speaker: Lisa Downs, President/Owner, New Aspect Coaching
It's More Than Leadership: 9 Valuable Lessons of Leading Self and Leading Others
There are only two kinds of leadership: leading self and leading others. It's that simple, only two. Your ultimate goal is to master them both. Learn valuable lessons of leading self and leading others in a concept called 'More Than Leadership,' a leadership style that begins and ends with you.
  • Distinguish the commonalities and differences between leading self and leading others.
  • Discover ways in which to help you apply 'More Than Leadership' tactics.
  • Chart a path of change such that more leaders across your org begin acting like genuine leaders.

Speaker: Dan Pontefract, Author, Thinker, Leadership Strategist, The Pontefract Group
Lead Like a Legend: How to Master Your Influence
Learn the essential rules for increasing your influence that have been used by legendary leaders for centuries. Based on the speaker's research on legendary leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney, this session will help you improve the quality and power of your conversations so you have a more significant impact on your organization.
  • Increase the adoption of planned initiatives and changes you are required to deliver as part of your job.
  • Use the four communication styles to exert more power and influence over decisions without appearing aggressive or uncooperative.
  • Have a greater impact on the organization by making more courageous decisions and influencing others more effectively.

Speaker: Mary Legakis Engel, CEO, The Management Coach
Leadership 2.0: Whole Life Success
What does success look like in all areas of your life by December 2020? Being a leader has never been more challenging with an uncertain economy, managing a team newly working from home, and the need to innovate quickly. You want to give them the tools to motivate, focus, and drive innovation and growth in the face of any challenge. It starts with writing a fast-forward vision. Companies use this transformative exercise to create bold, inspiring leaders who fuel engagement, productivity, and culture. You will leave with an exercise to provide inspiration and focus for yourself and your team.
  • See more possibilities for your future.
  • Focus on what you can control in the months ahead.
  • Deal more powerfully with any challenge you are facing.

Scott Blanchard, President, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Lisa McCarthy, CEO & Co Founder, The Fast Forward Group
Wendy Leshgold, Co-Founder and President, The Fast Forward Group
Leading Through Learning in Our Post COVID-19 World
As talent professionals, what can we learn from COVID-19, a catastrophic event that shook the foundation of the world? We will share lessons learned that are essential to everyone in these challenging times.
  • Develop a “lights-on” strategy.
  • Shift your organization rapidly.
  • Reinvigorate employee engagement.

Ed Cohen, Executive Vice President, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting
Pris Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting
Mental Toughness: Applying the Pro Athlete Mindset to Business
Jordan, Manning, Gretzky... Any sports fan can rattle off the names of the greats just as quickly as he can spell ESPN. The talents and highlights get you known. But it's the Discipline and Mental Toughness that make the difference between the Championship MVP and the talented player who never moves past 'potential.' Business is the same game. To compete and stay on top, you need the same grit and mindset that great athletes use to stay on top of their games. In this engaging and motivational keynote, you will uncover locker room and training secrets from professional athlete Dre Baldwin.
  • Learn three tips for conditioning your mind for those 'on-fire' days.
  • Discover how to intentionally recharge your mind like a smartphone.
  • Uncover the seven steps to keeping your focus exactly where you need it to be.

Speaker: Dre Baldwin, Owner, Work On Your Game Inc
Mixing Your EQ Cocktail: Balance, Blends, and Behavioral Change
Too many approach EQ in a report-centric way in which low scores are bad and high scores are desired. A better approach to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is for us to pay more attention to the blending of EQ behaviors in an effort to balance attention in one direction with some attention in another-always taking into account the time, place, and context of the situation. Just like you would mix a cocktail-a little of this and little of that all blended to support a subtle but pleasing result-behavioral change should be taken the same way. This interactive session is open to all learners-regardless of their EQ experience (or lack thereof). It is designed to introduce and explore five areas of Emotional Intelligence, within which blends and balance are keys to success. 1. The EQ Big 3--Self-Regard, Self-Actualization, and Optimism, the importance of this blend cannot be overstated 2. Assertiveness and Independence 3. Expression vs Impulse Control 4. My needs vs yours 5. Reality Testing vs Optimism Holding the tensions between these complimentary energies and blending them all 'just right' is the key to effective Emotional Intelligence and the focus of this interactive session.
  • Discover the 15 elements of emotional intelligence that compose the EQ-i model and our behavioral face.
  • Explore up to five EQ tensions and behavioral blends, tying them into leadership, communication, and workplace contributions.
  • Generate and share exercises that will activate and strengthen selected EQ behaviors.

Speaker: Hile Rutledge, President/Principal Consultant, OKA
Propel Her: Accelerating Women to Be Influential Leaders With Greater Impact
Are you a woman in business who's worked hard yet feel your efforts aren't being recognized? Would you like to move up in your organization or simply feel you're making a greater impact? This session can change your perceptions, your relationships, and your career.
  • Describe the three critical areas of emphasis that can lead to greater influence.
  • Learn behaviors that will help bring home the bacon without getting fried yourself!
  • Describe the five reasons for disconnects in your relationships that may be sabotaging your career.

Speaker: Barbara Teicher, President/CEO, Etc. Executive Training and Coaching, LLC
Remote Leadership Development & Coaching At Biohaven Pharma
Redesigning your leadership development program for remote delivery? Want to defeat the Knowing-Doing gap? Want your Millennial managers begging for more training? Join NY Times bestselling author and LEADx CEO Kevin Kruse as he shares how Biohaven SCALES & SUSTAINS leadership development.
  • Use behavioral nudges to sustain DiSC, EQ-i, CliftonStrengths and other assessments.
  • Deploy AI-powered digital coaches to support YOUR competency model.
  • See actual results including usage, satisfaction, and behavior change.

Speaker: Kevin Kruse, CEO, LEADx

Presented by:

Team Human: Creating a Better Workplace Culture
Join Team Human and create strong cultures by working from the inside out – helping all their people contribute each day to the culture through their choices. We share tips on how to change culture from a noun to verb, treating it not as something you have, but something each person does.
  • Use humanity as a competitive business advantage.
  • Learn steps to leverage our core needs of relationships and experiences.
  • Learn to thrive in a culture based on humanKIND.

Speaker: Gary Gzik, Chief Executive Officer, Build a Kick Ass Company, a division of BizXcel

Presented by:

The 8 Core Practices of Facilitative Leaders
In this session, the speaker will provide leaders with tools and techniques for taking a facilitative approach to leadership based on the SUCCEEDS model. You'll want to fasten your seat belt for this session!
  • Learn the key differences between a manager and a leader.
  • Understand the 3 Levels of Leadership.
  • Identify at what level they are currently operating and what they can do to move to a higher level.

Speaker: Michael Wilkinson, CEO and Managing Director, Leadership Strategies, Inc.
The Risks of Power and the Rewards of Compassion
Power has its risks. Leaders are vulnerable to losing touch with employees, being rude, and acting unethically. The solution is compassion---the intent to benefit others---and it can be trained. Learn how to develop it in business to create extraordinary leadership and winning results.
  • Learn why compassion is essential to leadership success in the 21st century.
  • Train in techniques to enhance compassion within a business leadership context.

Speaker: Jacqueline Carter, Partner & NA Director, Potential Project
Trust: The Key Ingredient to Organizational Health
We all want to be part of a thriving and healthy organization. What does that look like and how do we get there? This session will introduce you to four key components of organizational health and provide solutions to build it. High trust is at the core of healthy organizations. Everyone wants it, few are willing to give it. This session reorients your thinking not just on what builds organizational health but what really makes a high trust team.
  • Learn a simple, three-part model for measuring, monitoring, and managing trust.
  • Discover the four components of organizational health.
  • Apply what you learned so you can assess yourself, your team, and your organization to determine your trust factor.

Speaker: Richard Fagerlin, President, Peak Solutions
Virtual Teams and the Critical Role of Effective Communication
In this new reality of working virtually, leaders are focused on the impact on their teams. Team communication is linked to team performance. It is a precursor to effective team collaboration. Now more than ever, leaders need to know how to implement effective virtual team communication strategies.
  • Learn the most crucial elements of a team that impact high-quality communication.
  • Develop strategies to improve team communication.
  • Ensure your teams are prepared for success and collaboration in virtual working.

Speaker: Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

Presented by:

Learning Sciences Track
The Learning Sciences track highlights trends and topics influencing a collective of professionals interested in understanding the mechanics behind how individuals take in information, form connections and ideas, and exercise new behaviors on the job to improve performance.
A Neuroscience Approach to Reducing Risk for Human Error
During this session, the speakers will illustrate how continued stress and fatigue impacts different information processing styles and its implications for risk of human error. This session will be packed with valuable insights into people's neurological wiring and offer strategies to be proactive with regard to reducing risk for human error.
  • Discover an approach to reducing individual risk for error.

Speaker: Christiaan Vermeulen, Director of Operations, Neuro-Link
Driving User Engagement in Digital Learning
Digital learning means knowing the new places to find content and the need to measure it all differently. Driving real usage has become a new job for L&D. This session will show the five easy ways to drive engagement along with tools and tips to execute an engagement plan.
  • Drive users to your ecosystem.
  • Apply marketing techniques to reach learners.
  • Discover new metrics.

Speaker: Becky Willis, Founder and Principal, WillLearn Consulting
How to Build New Habits Without Exhausting Your Willpower
The key to breaking and building habits is to use skill, not will. Attend this session to learn the science of how habits work and acquire skills to turn desired routines into automatic habits.
  • Hack your habits for increased adaptability and agility.
  • Build new habits using skill, not will.
  • Make new behaviors easy and motivating.

Speaker: Charles Duhigg, Author, VitalSmarts
The Neuroscience of Creating High Performance Cultures
Culture' is a hot topic in organizations, but what is culture? And, how does one change culture? This presentation describes new research on how to measure and change a key aspect of an effective company culture: Trust. It is based on 10 years of neuroscience research in the laboratory and in businesses as reported in Dr. Zak's new book Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies. If leaders do not manage culture, it will manage them. This session presents organizational research data showing how to measure trust, design organizational interventions to increase trust, and how this improves business outcomes such as engagement, retention and productivity. Participants will be able to apply the neuroscience of trust research to facilitating and creating high trust and high performance leaders, teams and organizational cultures.
  • Learn how to identify the eight classes of leadership behaviors linked to oxytocin release associated with enhanced employee engagement, productivity, and well-being.
  • Apply specific organizational practices and interventions that are characteristic of high-trust cultures.
  • Discover six popular neuromanagement "mythconceptions."

Speaker: Paul Zak, Chief Immersion Officer, Immersion Neuroscience
The Neuroscience of Learning Transfer: 10 Hacks for Successful Goal Striving
People rarely wake up and spontaneously commit to initiating new behavior. Even when they do, few maintain new behaviors for long. This session presents 10 neuroscience-based 'hacks' to help employees facilitate learning transfer and successfully set, adopt, and maintain behavior-oriented goals.
  • Explain the three barriers to successful behavior change.
  • Apply a three-step individual change model (enlighten, encourage, and enable).
  • Apply implementation intentions to enhance goal setting and behavior change efforts.

Speaker: Kenneth Nowack, Chief Research Officer, Envisia Learning, Inc.
The Resilient Brain and How to Enhance It
By understanding the impact of stress on the brain and subsequent behavior, you can begin to create a plan to build a more resilient brain that can manage stress in the moment. Join this discussion on the surprising impact that our daily stressors can have on cognitive performance and discover how and why you should be proactive in optimizing variables such as nutrition, exercise, training, and sleep in your life as a means to a healthier brain.
  • Discover the impact of stress on the brain and why it is such a prevalent issue in society.
  • Appreciate the impact that stress may have on your behavior and decision making.
  • Create a more resilient brain, thus increasing your capacity to learn, think, and collaborate with others.

Speaker: Daniel Radecki, Co founder and Chief Science Officer, The Academy of Brain-based Leadership
The Respect Effect: Leveraging Science and Anthropology to Shape Workplace Culture
Respect. It's a simple concept, a universally powerful motivator, and a core value for many global organizations. Why, then, is it becoming ever more elusive in the modern workplace? With today's ever-more diverse workforces operating in an increasingly digital environment, organizational culture has never been more important. Building a solid foundation of Respect sets the stage for engagement, promotes collaboration and inclusion and unleashes extraordinary levels of creativity and resilience. Updated from his highly-rated 2017 ATD presentation, Paul Meshanko digs deeply into the topics of anthropology, psychology and neuroscience to show how powerful of a catalyst respect can be. More importantly, he shares practical, easy-to-implement strategies for helping to promote respectful work cultures and offers case study details on how best-in-class employers are already using Respect to make a difference with both their cultures and bottom lines. Geared toward mid-level and senior OD practitioners, this session explores the following topics: Why respect?, Respect vs. tolerance, Respect and the brain, The cost of disrespectful behaviors. How stereotypes, bias and prejudgments can trigger disrespect? How respect (and disrespect) impacts productivity? The 12 Rules of Respect.
  • Learn the differences between cultures that are tolerant versus respectful and how these differences can better inform the strategy, resource allocation, leadership support, and time required for building more authentically respectful workplaces.
  • Learn how behaviors that are perceived as either respectful or disrespectful affect the brain differently and directly affect creativity, collaboration, productivity, retention, and health.
  • Explore and practice a new technique for quickly building a 'bridge' of respect to others in minutes.
Speaker: Paul Meshanko, President, Legacy Business Cultures
The Science of Attention and Engagement
A number of myths persist about people's allegedly ever-shortening attention spans---but what does the science say? Having a deeper understanding of this topic will help you create more engaging and effective learning solutions.
  • Manage cognitive load and memory functions to influence attention.
  • Design based on how people allocate and manage attention.
  • Engage learners' attention and manage distraction.

Speaker: Julie Dirksen, Learning Strategist, Usable Learning
Unveiled: The 10 Best-Kept Secrets in Behavior Change
Join this session to get the top 10 secrets to changing behavior, freshly picked from the worlds of academia and practice. Learn new ways to use old tools for change and practices your organization can adopt tomorrow.
  • Understand why behavior change initiatives in your organization are effective or not.
  • Learn new ways to use existing change tools to be more effective.
  • Uncover best practices your organization can adopt tomorrow to better change behavior.

Speaker: Sebastian Bailey, Co-Founder and President, Mind Gym
Using Technology to Produce Learning Transfer and Sustainable Corporate Change
This session demonstrates technologies that help you overcome the forgetting curve and ensure people retain and utilize your training. Case studies will show how to use these principles to create cultural change within organizations.
  • Master five keys to creating learning transfer in individuals.
  • Overcome popular behavior change myths can interfere with successful transfer of learning.
  • Ensure executive buy-in on programs that promote learning transfer.

Speaker: Art Kohn, Professor, ASPIRE Consulting Group
Wired to Aha! The Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation
Innovation and creativity are crucial to your organization's success. Discover research on the brain science of creativity and innovation and learn how you can create an environment that supports high levels of both. You'll leave with effective strategies you can implement immediately.
  • Discover the critical differences between creativity and innovation.
  • Learn the brain science that sets up high levels of creativity and innovation.
  • Discover new strategies you can use to create a culture that supports creativity and innovation.

Speaker: Britt Andreatta, CEO, 7th Mind, Inc.
Learning Technologies Track
The Learning Technologies track highlights trends and topics that leverage synchronous and asynchronous using technology tools and platforms to develop the future workforce.
7 Deadly Sins of Video Creation
With increased access to affordable equipment and tools that allow everyone to make high-quality video, L&D professionals often find they're being asked to do more video creation, but aren't video experts. To build your video creation skills, you need to know more than just how your equipment works and what makes good instructional video---you'll also want to uncover what problems and issues commonly arise and what you can do about them.
  • Identify and learn how to proactively prevent each of the seven issues in video creation.

Speaker: Matt Pierce, Learning & Video Ambassador, TechSmith Corporation
Best Practices for Your Employee Development Podcast
Podcasting has many benefits for boosting your learning and development program. This session will go through use cases and detail best practices for succeeding with an internal training/communications podcasting program.
  • Identify best uses for podcasting within your organization.
  • Know what you need to get started and plan to set your podcast up for success.
  • Understand best practices, including technology needs, content creation and delivery, and measurement.

Speaker: Shannon, Martin, Director of Communications, Podbean

Presented by:

Beyond Gamification: Think Like a Game Designer to Create Engaging, Meaningful Instruction
Thinking like a game designer is a great way to craft instruction that engages learners on multiple levels. Explore the use of game elements to challenge learners, generate curiosity, and create immediate feedback. Learn how to balance the elements of story, action, and uncertainty to simulate thinking and engagement. In this session you will experience firsthand how gamification motivates learners and increases retention.
  • Discover how to add the game elements of challenge, story, and mystery to training experiences.
  • Learn how to apply specific game elements to achieve specific learning outcomes.
  • Craft your instruction to be more engaging and motivating for the learners.

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Professor, Bloomsburg University
Cool Tools: Apps to Jump Forward
Discover amazing ways to use your phone, tablet or desktop to brainstorm, sketch, take notes, collaborate, create audio and video-based media, and animate using several mind-blowing apps. You'll leave feeling inspired with practical information to apply immediately.
  • Learn about the latest tools to improve communication.
  • Learn about tools to help define, manage and collaborate with your team.
  • Easily create new assets from your phone, tablet or desktop device.

Speaker: Nick Floro, Learning Architect + CEO, Sealworks Interactive Studios

Presented by:

Even More Awesome Apps for Trainers
Cool apps hit the market every day. With a few taps, you can produce microlearning videos, AR modules, professional graphics, and engaging games and polls. In this session, you'll be introduced to low-cost apps, discover cool features, and explore what they can do. You'll leave with a list of new apps to try in your next learning program.
  • Use new apps to create multimedia and explore AR to support, promote, and enhance your learning programs.
  • Discover apps to curate and share resources with your learners, or work smarter as a trainer or designer.
  • Learn about apps to engage learners in your class, and reinforce learning and promote collaboration in and outside the classroom.

Speaker: Daniel Jones, Training Manager, Daniel Swarovski AG
Get Your Game On: How to Use Games to Virtually Connect with your Remote Learners
On April 9th, 2020, Microsoft Teams announced that they hit a new record high of 2.7 billion minutes spent in meetings in 1 day! That’s a lot of meetings. We’re all on conference calls or virtual meetings most of the day. Let’s be real, it can get a little tiresome. It’s hard to stay focused, your attention wanders, boredom sets in. Adding games to your virtual meetings ensures active participants! You got to be in it to win it. But how do you do this? It’s much easier than you think. In this webinar, you will learn:
  • The benefits of game-based training and how to implement a gamified strategy.
  • The importance of using rich analytics to understand the results of your training efforts.
  • How to host a Virtual Jeopardy!® Game for your next web conference call or team “virtual happy hour".

Speaker: Jaime McDonald, EVP, Customer Success, The Game Agency
Presented by:

Hire and Manage Remote eLearning Video Agencies and Freelancers
eLearning video is an effective way to get even the most distracted learners engaged. eLearning video can feel complex—how do you choose the right team? Dive into this step by step guide that will teach you how to hire and manage your next training video team to meet your goals and save your budget.
  • Discover the ideal process for eLearning Video Animation - small-large project to save your budget.
  • Compare internal staff-agency-freelancers - a breakdown of pricing and where to find freelancers.
  • Use templates and resources to manage the project - avoid stress and crush your goal.

Speaker: Erick Prospero, CEO, Ninja Tropic

Presented by:

How AI is Transforming L&D with Performance Learning
Want 100% of your learners to achieve performance improvement in a scalable, low-cost learning program? Join this session to learn how to leverage the latest AI based learning technology to design and deliver practice that directly mirrors on the job scenarios with real-time learner feedback. Learn to combine the power of microlearning, practice, feedback, and certification into performance improvement for any type of learning program.
  • Become an AI-Powered L&D Department.
  • Leverage AI to better meet the needs of the modern learner.

Speaker: Emily Ullberg, Director of Global Projects, UMU

Presented by:

Learning in the Pandemic: Shifts, Disruptions, Empathy and Reskilling
This session will provide a global perspective about how learning has been affected during the pandemic. Based on conversations with more than 150 chief learning officers and learning colleagues, there is a provocative pattern of organizational learning shifting, expanding, collapsing, virtualization, blending, downsizing, partnering, and more. Empathy and engagement have become critical as new roles in the reskilling of employees for new roles in the changing organizational structure as well as supporting furloughed and laid-off employees. The role of talent development manager is also shifting radically. We will explore the critical need to assess the effect of moving 1.3 billion people to e-learning globally. Finally, a Broadway entertainer will provide a song to uplift and add context to this session.
  • Benchmark learning trends and shifts during the pandemic.
  • Use new models for the role of empathy as a learning priority.
  • Understand the change in learning leadership and governance.

Speaker: Elliot Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM
Now I Get It! Mastering Variables in Storyline
Once you've mastered the basics in Articulate Storyline, it's time to take your skills-and your courses-to the next level. You can do that with variables. But mastering variables can be elusive for many. In this session, you'll have a chance to learn just how powerful (and not so intimidating) variables can be. Discover when to use text variables, number variables, and true/false variables with real-world examples such as personalizing a scenario, adding badges and points, and customizing content and navigation. This is an intermediate/advanced session and requires a working knowledge of Storyline, including states, layers, and triggers.
  • Determine when to use the three different types of variables.
  • Personalize a course using avatars and the learner's name, and add gamification elements such as points and badges.
  • Customize course navigation and content.

Speaker: Tim Slade, Speaker, Author & Award Wining Freelance eLearning Designer, Tim Slade Omnimedia
The Now and Next of Learning and Technology in 2020
Explore the changing face of the technology landscape, and discover how these changes are shaping the future of L&D. Learn the common characteristics of these shifts so that you can assess which emerging technologies will have an impact within the context of you and your organization.
  • Learn which technologies are shaping the future.
  • Discover how technology can disrupt organizational learning.
  • Learn how to put emerging technologies into the context of how they affect your organization.

Speaker: David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild
Top 5 Principles for Incorporating Instructor Video Into Virtual Classrooms
Staring into a camera lens can be very intimidating, even for trainers and subject matter experts. This session offers 5 principles to improve the effectiveness of on-camera instructors. This session is geared toward virtual classrooms and online learning.
  • Apply 5 principles for effectively presenting on video for virtual classrooms.
  • Minimize common visual and audio distractions when instructing on-camera for virtual learning.
  • Use specific delivery techniques to improve instructor presence when teaching online.

Speaker: Diana L. Howles, CEO and Co-owner, Howles Associates, LLC
Training in an Ever-Changing World of COVID-19 & Beyond
The COVID-19 pandemic has elicited unprecedented responses from American governing bodies and businesses. To help support you during this turbulent time the experts at BLR have compiled a variety of free resources and comprehensive training solutions to provide consultative guidance, ensure employee safety, and help you keep your business on track.
  • Learn about our COVID-19 response training programs and custom solutions.
  • Discover SCORM-compliant content, delivered via our LMS or yours.
  • Use the TrainingToday platform to streamline your eLearning program.

Speaker: Tiffany Bare, Leadership, Education & Compliance Solutions Specialist, BLR

Presented by:

Transforming Soft Skills Training With AI, Video, Gamification, and More
Learn how one company developed measurable, scalable, and cost-effective virtual communication skills training for SMEs while increasing efficiency, accountability, and ROI. This unique solution offers personalized coaching through a combination of AI-based analysis, instructor review, and peer feedback.
  • Implement a process to transform your face-to-face training into a blended learning event.
  • Discover how AI can provide individualized coaching and feedback for communication skills.
  • Save time and money by implementing webcasts, remote coaching, AI software, and gamification.

Sheri Jeavons, President, Power Presentations
Caitlin Weekley, Manager of Learning & Development, EY
Virtual Reality for Soft Skills: Developing Leaders Through Transformative VR Experiences
What your leaders learn in a virtual world could have life-changing effects on their behavior in the real one. Explore the research behind using virtual reality (VR) to develop soft skills training then dive into the impact of transformative VR experiences to build skills and develop empathy.
  • Understand the research and theory behind how virtual reality applies to soft skills training.
  • Strategically integrate virtual reality into learning experiences for maximum effect.
  • Connect virtual reality to your business case for leadership development.

Speaker: Ryan Heinl, Director, DDI Innovation Lab, DDI
We've Gone Digital! Shortening Design Cycle With Co-Creation Sessions
Creating a largely digital learning experience for global audiences is a major challenge. Join to see how targeted Design Sessions (facilitated co-creation) helped a luxury car brand, international bank, and others revolutionize how sales and leadership curricula are served up to their learners.
  • Explain how design sessions can play a critical role in the transformation of traditional curricula.
  • Plan and facilitate design sessions that jump start the development process.
  • Apply a simple process to engage the right people in a valuable co-creation session that maximize.

Speaker: Ann Rollins, Solutions Architect, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Why Your Viewers Stop Watching Your Videos and What You Can Do About It
What really makes for good learning focused videos? This session looks at results from 2013, 2016, and 2019 research about what viewers expect and want, including preferred video length, video attributes, and more. In addition to looking at the data, practical tips and ideas will be emphasized.
  • Explore common reasons why individuals stop watching videos and what to do about it.
  • Explore common video interactions and how to use them to maintain engagement.
  • Discover recommended video lengths and why those recommendations may not matter.

Speaker: Matt Pierce, Learning & Video Ambassador, TechSmith Corporation
Management Track
The Management track covers a new framework to identify the skills that contribute to a manager’s success as a developer of talent. The framework is ACCEL (Accountability, Collaboration, Communication, Engagement and Listening/Assessing).
Building a Workplace Culture of Connection
What makes individuals smarter, happier, and more productive at work? Discover the x-factor and learn why cultures of connection outperform cultures that disconnect people. You'll come away knowing how to create and cultivate a culture that provides a new source of competitive advantage.
  • Learn a simple, memorable, and actionable framework and vocabulary to build a culture of connection.
  • Learn best practice building blocks to boost connection in your workplace culture.
  • Apply several best practices in fun, interactive exercises.

Katie Stallard, Partner, Connection Culture Group
Michael Stallard, President, Connection Culture Group
Communicate With Charisma: The Elements of Great Presentation Skills Training
This session will give you practical tools to instantly develop more powerful communications training. You'll learn simple body language skills to maximize your presence, organization techniques that generate clarity in your content, and storytelling methods to spread excitement around your message.
  • Explore simple body language skills that generate greater presence when communicating.
  • Apply techniques of content organization that produce more clarity with your content.
  • Deliver storytelling skills that create interest and spread excitement around your message.

Speaker: Bob Wiltfong, Consultant/Author, Self-Employed
How to Say No at Work Without Making Enemies
Your character is largely fashioned by what you say no to. Your relationships are affected by how well you say it. Attend this session to learn how to improve the delivery and impact of your nos for improved results and relationships.
  • Learn skills to say no while improving results and preserving relationships.

Speaker: Joseph Grenny, Author, VitalSmarts
Influence Emotion to Motivate Action: Communication Techniques to Engage Any Audience
According to a recent ATD study, 83 percent of respondents indicated that communication is THE most important skill area related to managerial success. The poll defined communication as the exchange of information and feedback between managers and their direct reports and the willingness to engage in three types of essential conversations with employees: disciplinary, coaching, and praise. For managers as talent developers, effective communication-including targeted, actionable feedback-can build awareness and action toward better employee performance, and foster a transparent, open, and honest team atmosphere. This session will teach you how to effectively communicate using the secret techniques performers and leaders have used for centuries. Learn how to convey clear, concise and strong objectives, quickly establish credibility, encourage participation, deliver feedback, and ensure learning outcomes.
  • Deliver clear, effective and persuasive communication.
  • Influence behavior to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Clearly communicate your messages by aligning your voice and body language.

Speaker: G. Riley (Gary) Mills, COO and Co-Founder, Pinnacle Performance Company
The Undermanagement Epidemic and the Power of Strong Leadership
Undermanagement is rampant in the modern workplace. A full 90% of all leaders and managers do not provide their direct-reports with sufficient guidance, support and coaching. And the costs are astronomical! Bruce Tulgan will provide the latest update on RainmakerThinking's ongoing research about this very real problem. Information will include answers to the following questions: Why is undermanagement such a persistent problem? What are the costs of undermanagement? What are the principal causes of undermanagement? What are the most common, dysfunctional communication patterns in leadership/management relationships? What are the most common mistakes managers make that lead to undermanagement? What challenges are leaders and managers facing in the real world today? What are the best-practices followed by the most effective leaders and managers today and why do we consider these the fundamentals? What are the most effective ways to help leaders and managers learn, embrace, and adopt these best practices? What are the best organizations doing to move their organizational cultures toward strong highly-engaged leadership? Bruce uses his dynamic presentation style and wit, combined with actual examples, in conveying information obtained through 24 years of research. Often interactive, attendees walk away with concrete ideas that can be implemented at their organization to begin fighting the undermanagement epidemic.
  • Leave with three to five readily implementable action items that will help you and your organization begin developing a culture of strong leadership.
  • Learn language that will enable you to begin practicing conversation from the perspective of a performance coach.

Speaker: Bruce Tulgan, Founder and CEO, RainmakerThinking
Managing the Learning Function Track
The Managing the Learning Function track highlights areas such as organizational development, project management, aligning development with business goals, understanding learning ideas and trends, and developing expertise in non-training solutions such as performance consulting and coaching.
Business Impact Mapping: Aligning Learning to Business Outcomes
Business Impact Mapping is a powerful but simple technique to ensure learning is aligned and focused on business needs. This transformative competency helps you think like your CEO. Cut through the fog of metrics and KPIs and ensure learning is aligned and locked to the metrics that matter.
  • Adopt results-focused thinking.
  • Identify and clarify the ultimate goal(s) of HRD and training initiatives.
  • Use the impact map template to align your learning programs with the needs of your business.

Allan Bailey CEO, Centre for Learning Impact
Lynette Gillis, Executive Director
From Order Takers to Business Leaders: Redefining L&D’s Approach for a Digital Age
How do you level up your learning? ADDIE, Agile, and Design Thinking fall short for modern business needs; their goal is one learning asset per issue. With a TED+Strategize format, meet Learning Cluster Design. Learn to deliver a select set of assets that move on-the-job performance.
  • Synthesize how the Learning Cluster Design model can empower your learning strategy.
  • Recommit to solving the challenges to become an effective L&D organization in today's environment.
  • Discover how to build modern learning design capability for your team.

Speaker: Crystal Kadakia, CEO, Learning Cluster Design Group
Generating Professional Ecstasy: Transforming the Learner Experience
Novartis is in the midst of a transformative journey that is centered on enhancing the learner experience to fuel associate growth. This session is for learning leaders who want insights on how a large global, complex, and heavily matrixed organization is transforming the learning experience.
  • Use a process and supporting tools to define a learner-centered approach.
  • Identify key requirements and an operating framework to support a learner-centered approach.
  • Leverage key insights and principles on the future learning experience.

Speaker: Steven Sitek, Head of US Novartis Learning Institute, Novartis
Andrew Garvey, Head of Knowledge Platforms, Digital Capability, Novartis
Intro to LLAMA: Agile Project Management for E-Learning
Join this session to learn about the Agile project management method adapted specifically for instructional design and development projects (Lot Like Agile Management Approach---LLAMA) and how to use it on the job. You'll cover kicking off a project with a solid definition of scope to the process of estimating and planning the work. Takeaways include techniques for goal alignment, learner personas, scope definition, estimating, planning, and iterative development.
  • Build the business case for Agile with SMEs, project sponsors, and your own team.
  • Create learner personas.
  • Define scope around behavior outcomes.

Speaker: Megan Torrance, CEO, TorranceLearning
The Accidental Performance Consultant: A Practical and Strategic Approach
What happens when you're responsible for fixing a problem that is outside of your normal role or when the solution isn't something you'd typically do? This session is a practical, hands-on, tool-based, interactive focus on getting results even when you have to step outside of your normal role.
  • Diagnose performance issues quicker and more accurately.
  • Practice using a range of tools that will improve your performance on the job.
  • Identify how to step outside of your usual role to get good results.

Speaker: Joe Willmore, President, Willmore Consulting Group
The Skills Quotient: An Easy Formula for Closing the Skill Gaps From Inside Your Organization
The world of work is going through a large-scale transition with digitization, automation, and acceleration. How can companies upskill and reskill their workforces to keep up, let alone innovate? The most forward-thinking companies are being proactive in adapting to the change and focusing on skills. This session will challenge you to let go of traditional ways of closing the skills gap, and challenge CEOs to embrace reskilling!
  • Learn how you can better manage your human capital.
  • Discover trends impacting corporate learning.
  • Determine if your dollar investments are making a difference in training employees.

Speaker: Kelly Palmer, Chief Learning Officer, Degreed
Talent Strategy & Management Track
The Talent Strategy & Management track will highlight trends and topics for those managing talent and employee lifecycle, including organizational culture, engagement, acquisition strategies.
3 Counterintuitive Strategies to Build a Coaching Culture
You want your managers and leaders to coach more. You understand that coaching is a foundational skill, one that drives both engagement and impact. When you have a successful coaching culture, teams are stronger and results are better. But if you're like most organizations, you've struggled to really get your coaching culture successfully flourishing. You've done some training and some change management work, and results have been middling to poor. And you're a little frustrated. In this practical, interactive and entertaining session we'll roll up our sleeves and blow up some old and less-than-useful assumptions about building a coaching culture. Drawing on 20 years of change management experience, we will: - Lay out a simple and practical way of understanding culture, so we know where the key points of influence truly are - Share a simple way of talking about culture, that makes change possible - Upend some typical ways of thinking about a coaching culture that actually hinder more than they help You'll work through an action planning process (yes, including a little coaching) that will leave you in a strong position to reframe and re-energize your approach to building a corporate culture.
  • Gain a practical framework for understanding and engaging with culture.
  • Explore three different strategies that upend typical approaches to establishing a coaching culture.
  • Learn specific language and tactics that you can use to reframe and re-energize your commitment to building a coaching culture.

Speaker: Michael Bungay Stanier, Founder, Box of Crayons
Be the Mentor You Wish You Had!
How do you mentor? Where do you start? How can you ensure you make a significant contribution to those who need you as mentor? This session will explore what it takes to be an intentional mentor and equip you with practical tools to hold deeper, more meaningful conversations that will be crucial to your mentee's development. Explore the eight crucial mentoring conversations that will challenge, inspire, and enable your mentees to grow.
  • Reflect on and discover the more intentional role mentors can fulfill to ensure crucial mentoring conversations.
  • Explore the essentials of a crucial mentoring conversation.
  • Learn to apply the crucial mentoring conversation topics relevant to your specific mentor-mentee relationship.

Speaker: Niel Steinmann, Founder & Director, Peoples Dynamic Development
Build Your Resilience! Six Strategies to Be More Resilient Throughout Crisis
Resilience is the capacity not only to survive life's challenges but to learn, grow, and become stronger because of them. While stress, trauma, adversity, and dramatic change are rarely welcome, your resilience enables you to find a way to move beyond the challenge and toward a stronger self. This capacity, which is a key factor in determining how people will respond to change, is something that each of us can grow and strengthen in our lives. Using the concept of biomimicry, this session will offer you six tips from nature about how to stay afloat in challenging times. You have heard the saying, “Let it roll off you, like water off a duck’s back,” but did you know that ducks aren’t always waterproof? Yes, even a duck can drown.
  • Identify key characteristics that enable resilience.
  • Explore how to develop resilience in yourself and others.
  • Discover a simple, memorable model to stay afloat.

Speaker: Maureen Orey, Founder/CEO, Workplace Learning & Performance Group
Business Readiness: Ensuring Our Teams Are Ready for What's Next
Managing change and pursuing innovation is not a new topic, many in the leadership ranks have had numerous development opportunities on these topics and yet our teams are at times battle fatigued, remaining unaligned with overall strategic objectives and ill-prepared to deliver on organization goals of the near future. So, what's next? How can leaders go beyond just ensuring that change is least disruptive to their people and instead deliver up ready, willing and able teams who can ensure that change is least disruptive to the business? How can leaders move their teams beyond surviving change and instead make the call to greatness so that their teams are thriving in changing times, fueling innovation and fully aligned with the re-inventive of their organizations? In this high energy session, Cy Wakeman will help leaders understand their heightened responsibilities in delivering teams and talent that are ready for what's next along with strategies to ensure that teams able to quickly adapt and change and deliver on the needs of the organization to provide relevant, high-value, services in even mature markets. After all, change is only hard for the unready.
  • Provide strategies to ensure that leadership focus is on ensuring that change is least disruptive to the business rather than attempting to make change least disruptive to the people.
  • Modernize the leadership philosophy to focus on business readiness rather than outdated, traditional theories of change management.
  • Provide techniques and tools for leaders to incorporate in their daily practices to align their teams with organizational direction.

Speaker: Cy Wakeman, President & Founder, Reality-Based Leadership
Driving Employee Engagement Through Learning
This session is meant for employers where experienced employees are becoming redundant due to existing skills becoming obsolete but they are finding it difficult to unlearn and relearn. It would also help you to balance between existing competencies or roles and make yourself future-ready.
  • Learn to apply innovative learning methods on the job.
  • Discover new models to engage employees in re-skilling while on the job.

Speaker: Anurag Seth, Vice President and Head of Talent Transformation, TopGear and Business Continuity Management, Wipro Ltd.
Leading a Self-Care Revolution: A Case Study for Improving Employee Well-Being
At the fastest growing and second-largest parking operator in the United States, they believe in 'people over profits' and strive to ensure that all 12,000+ employees know they care about their health and well-being---they call it 'living whole.' In this session, the speaker will share how they built learning programs around supporting whole living, and why they believe self-care is so critically important to a company's success.
  • Drive stronger overall engagement by focusing leadership development on improving an employee's 'whole self.'
  • Identify places within your current leadership development curriculum that can focus on cultivating stronger culture.
  • List actionable, low-cost ideas for leadership development that will enhance employee well-being.

Speaker: Andi Campbell, SVP, Head of People + Culture, LAZ Parking
Onboarding the Next Generation of Talent
The multigenerational workplace is a labyrinth of communication and working styles---confounding for everyone, especially new, young talent. Ease those pains by learning how to best prepare them for your workplace, as getting a brief on distinctive Gen Z traits and expectations.
  • Understand Gen Z and young millennial traits and expectations around communication and feedback.
  • Adopt strategies to onboard young talent in a way that will meaningfully increase retention.
  • Collaborate with and empower co-workers of other generations who work differently from you.

Speaker: Phil Gwoke, Keynote Speaker and Generational Consultant, BridgeWorks
Perform for Today, Develop for Tomorrow: Finding the Balance in Modern Workplace Learning
People need development opportunities to help them pursue future roles or reskill for changing job requirements. They also need ongoing support to help them do their best work every day. This session will explore proven practices for balancing performance and development in the modern workplace.
  • Activate your full learning ecosystem to enable employee performance.
  • Design a continuous learning experience that fits within the employee workflow.
  • Future-proof your organization for new skill requirements and development needs.

Speaker: JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect, Axonify
The Art of Mindfully Creating Community and Connection in the Workplace
This session will help you create workplace environments and relationships that are unifying and proactive rather than reactive and divisive. Experiential exercises focused mindful techniques as well as coaching are employed to address existing diversity issues within organizations.
  • Cultivate the intention to build bridges with those who are different.
  • Examine learned prejudices and fears about differences through conscious interactions with others.
  • Apply strategies that reflect skill, awareness, and the intention to sustain gains over time.

Speaker: Lee Mun Wah, Executive Director & Founder, StirFry Seminars & Consulting
Unconscious Bias: A Quiet Performance Killer
Unconscious bias is a quiet yet powerful performance killer because it interferes with our ability to build relationships across differences and leads to bad decisions that impair individual and organizational performance. This session describes unconscious bias, identifies the specific ways it can diminish your effectiveness, and proffers steps you can take to reduce your bias and its impact on your performance.
  • Define unconscious bias and describe the different types of bias that can impact your interactions with others.
  • Identify the specific ways unconscious bias can affect your relationships and work performance.
  • Discover specific steps you can take to reduce the negative impact unconscious bias has on your life and performance.

Speaker: Tyrone Holmes, President and Owner, T.A.H. Performance Consultants, LLC
Virtual Mentoring for a New Virtual World
A lot has changed in the world of work and specifically in talent development. Employees need connection now more than ever, and virtual mentoring is an innovative and timely solution that delivers it. This session will provide practical advice, best practices, and real stories from companies that have already sprung into action to deliver more employee connections with virtual mentoring.

Speaker: Jenn Labin, Chief Talent & Diversity Officer, MentorcliQ
Training Delivery & Facilitation Track
The Training Delivery & Facilitation track covers the transfer of knowledge and sector of talent development via adapting, personalizing, adjusting, and ad-hoc development of training artifacts for specific audiences and venues, modalities, or platforms.
All Sizzle, No Fizzle: Delivering Blazing-Hot Presentations
How do you quickly grab your audience's attention regardless of your presentation topic? How do you engage audiences without the bells and whistles? How can you consistently be seen as an expert when you speak? In this high-energy session, get answers for how to end the fizzle and bring the sizzle!
  • Explore the ways to get busy adults to listen throughout a presentation.
  • Discover how to powerfully establish your credibility regardless of your expertise level.
  • Explore how to meaningfully engage audiences, maximize learning, and improve overall effectiveness.

Speaker: Bridgett McGowen, Professional Speaker, BMcTALKS
All-New Spectacular Virtual Classroom Activities
You want to be an engaging virtual trainer, but how do you create real learning experiences in a virtual classroom? Is there anything more to this than using polling? Activities are the key! But it's not as easy as it seems to put all the features of virtual classroom technology together. Participate in this session to learn how you can create and use engaging activities to amaze your live online learners and keep them coming back for more!
  • Define virtual learner engagement to effectively design the appropriate activities.
  • Analyze activities for specific engagement techniques and feature usage to apply to your own activity design.
  • Create your own customized activities for immediate use in your virtual classroom programs.

Speaker: Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant, Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC
Cool Exercises to Make Coaching Skills Come Alive
Are you a trainer or instructional designer who is tired of using the same coaching exercises for leadership, coaching, and communication programs? Add practical and experiential exercises to your toolbox.
  • Add to your tool kit of great coaching exercises.
  • Discover cool ways to facilitate coaching exercises.
  • Practice coaching exercises in order to understand how your participants will feel.

Speaker: Lori Roth, President, Learning and Reflective Growth
Effective SMEs: How to Help Subject Matter Experts Facilitate Learning
SMEs bring depth of experience, credibility, and enterprise-wide perspective to the training room. They also bring risk, and while they want to do well, facilitating learning is outside their expertise. This session will explore the unique needs of SMEs and examine ways to help them be successful.
  • Position training as a conversation rather than a lecture.
  • Use a framing strategy to help SMEs make the training their own.
  • Coach SMEs to facilitate the learning conversation.

Dale Ludwig, President and Founder, Turpin Communication
Greg Owen-Boger, Vice President, Turpin Communication
Engaging Virtual Classroom Activities---Plus the Homework Assignment Participants Love!
They never do the homework for any training, let alone a virtual one. Engagement is the main question on everyone's mind: Will it be worth my time to attend, or will it be an opportunity to check email instead? Join to discover what you can do right away to deliver engaging virtual training.
  • Define virtual learner engagement to effectively design the appropriate learning activities.
  • Analyze activities for specific engagement techniques and feature usage to apply to your training.
  • Create customized activities for immediate use in your virtual classroom programs.

Speaker: Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant, Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC
High-Impact Facilitation Skills: Seven Ways to Increase the Results of Your Training Delivery
'Just because I said it doesn't mean you've learned it.' During this session you will explore the skills and techniques of a high-impact facilitator, including the seven transitions to use, the best Q&A method, reflection and action planning, and the powerful SME/trainer/facilitator continuum.
  • Develop a list of at least five action ideas to apply to your next training.

Speaker: Bob Pike, CPLP Fellow, Chairman, CTT Press
Influencing With Visuals: Bring Your Story to Life Visually
Have you ever missed an opportunity to influence the conversation due to distracting visuals? This hands-on session will arm you with simple, practical techniques for transforming ideas into clear, memorable visuals that highlight key insights, connect with your audience, and spur people to action.
  • Explore how visuals affect decision-making and influence or detract from your message.
  • Discover how to adjust your visuals to resonate with diverse audiences.
  • Learn three powerful visual strategies to elevate any visual story you develop.

Speakers: Janine Kurnoff, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, The Presentation Company
Interaction That Impacts Today's Learner: Six Activities in 60 Minutes
Trainers are always looking for novel activities to increase attention and engage participants. This session will demonstrate six short yet meaningful activities that will help you get across powerful learning points. Learners want to process your content; you need to create the context for them.
  • Experience six activities that can be adjusted for your own training.
  • Explore ways to create context for learners to create content.
  • Use technology for problem-solving applications.

Speaker: Christie Ward, Principal, The Impact Institute
Make Training a 'Want to' (Not a Have to)
Today's training has to be energizing, interactive, fun, and full of valuable content, too! But too many trainers still stand behind a podium-a 20th century practice. It's time for an update: this experience gives you the insight and tools to help design trainings that create lasting impact with your learners. Content is the loser here; because it's NOT about 'what' people learn. This is about becoming a context expert. Discover training practices that go against standard practice. Fill in the blank: Most trainings ______. If you said 'are boring,' 'are ineffective,' or 'suck,' then we are in total agreement and something has to change. Managers need to implement programs to drive engagement, retention, and performance. Human Resources and trainers need to meet goals to create results that last longer than a month. Employees need to be participate in what has become a dull and sometimes irrelevant lecture series. If you are tired or bored with ineffective training formats, let us help you discover a proven, disciplined approach to boost employee performance, leadership, and organizational culture from the training programs you deliver. This changes everything.
  • Learn to reverse-engineer the ultimate training experiences to create measurable results in personal and team development.
  • Engage learners with a unique and highly researched Learn-Say-Do-Reflect model that increases engagement, retention, and fun.
  • Improve your training atmosphere, increase retention to 90 percent, and create a consistent system for all trainers and facilitators to do the same. Make training fun again by using art and science.

Speaker: Joe Urbanski, COO & Org Culture Strategist, Total Solutions Group
Overcoming Challenging Classroom Behaviors
Your materials are ready. Your technology has been tested. No matter how prepared you may feel, there can always be a participant who challenges you in unexpected ways. Learn about a variety of difficult behaviors and how to welcome a participant's energy without indulging it. You will walk away with a three-step model that helps in identifying challenging behaviors, shifting participant energy, and creating a self-developed reaction strategy.
  • Identify your triggers and fears as a facilitator.
  • Determine the potential learner needs of a specific challenging behavior.
  • Gain specific facilitation skills and tools required to diffuse challenging behaviors without indulging them.

Speaker: Carrie Addington, Manager, Facilitator Development & Strategy, ATD
Passion for the Platform
This session is focused on helping you shine in front of any audience. In addition to tips and techniques used by top speakers, you'll learn the special Four Questions formula to ensure your presentation is audience focused. You'll discover how to open a presentation in a way that grabs attention every time, and gain insights into stories that anchor your messages. Most importantly, you'll learn how to share your passion with confidence!
  • Follow a powerful four-step process for tightening a message to deliver expertise that is centered on the audience.
  • Create dynamic openings and action-oriented closings that help learners focus on what's important during and after the presentation.
  • Design powerful activities and stories that anchor messages and techniques for optimal application.

Speaker: Gary Rifkin, Chief Learning Officer, CoreClarity
Powerful Presentations: 11 Steps to Impressive Speaking
Speaking in front of others is a huge fear for many adults. Unfortunately for them, the workplace demands speaking in front of others: one-to-one, small group, large group; formally, informally; in-person and with digital tools. In spite of the importance of oral communication, few adults have had specific instruction about how to speak well. The worlds of training, staff developing, and management are populated with people who have succeeded at some aspect of the job meriting their advancement. Many feel ill-prepared, however, for the communication demands of their position. Trainers/managers lose effectiveness because of mediocre or poor presentation skills. This session meets their needs. The complex art of effective presentation is broken into understandable, practical pieces. Attendees will learn the 5 elements of creating a talk (what we do before we speak) and the 6 elements of performing a talk (what we do as we speak). With that blueprint, they will be able to analyze their (and others') speaking and target areas for improvement. Specific suggestions for improving each of the 11 elements will be presented. Exercises will be shared in an interactive environment to reinforce the concepts. Digital tools for developing and practicing oral communication skills will be demonstrated. Attendees will leave with a diminished fear of speaking and an understanding of how to become competent, confident speakers in any situation.
  • Use your improved speaking skills to make instruction more engaging so attendees better retain the material.
  • Discover a practical, understandable framework for understanding the keys to impressive speaking.

Speaker: Erik Palmer, Author/Speaker, Erik Palmer Consulting
Secret Trainer's Business: How to Excite Learners Before a Workshop
If you think learner engagement is limited to what you do during a workshop, think again! How do you get learners genuinely excited about attending an upcoming workshop, regardless of the topic? Simple. Connect with them before you see them! During this session, you will experience and create some simple techniques you can easily do to connect with your learners before the workshop happens, using videos and 'lumpy mail.'
  • Create a short welcome or intro video to connect and engage with workshop participants before you see them.
  • Explore different ways to use the concept of 'lumpy mail' to engage learners and get them thinking about workshop content before they attend.

Speaker: Tania Tytherleigh, Chief Learning Officer, Master Trainers Institute Australia
Secrets of Master Virtual Trainers: 5 Keys to Online Classroom Success
What do master trainers do when facilitating interactive live online classes? This session will cover five key skills: advance preparation, engaging attendees, multitasking effectively, using your voice, and handling unexpected challenges. Whether you are new or have been facilitating virtual classes for years, and regardless of which virtual platform you use, you will be sure to leave this session with new ideas, tips, and techniques!
  • Engage online attendees using common virtual classroom tools.
  • Effectively handle typical challenges that arise during virtual classes.
  • Assess your current virtual delivery skills and create an action plan for improvement.

Speaker: Cindy Huggett, Principal Consultant, Cindy Huggett Consulting, LLC
Squirrel! Getting Today's Audience to Engage
In this session, you will determine the best way to communicate the value of your content to your audience. The session will use video examples from popular movies and TV shows so you can see how the tools presented to can be used make (or break) how an audience responds to your message. These tools and techniques can be used in everyday business settings, as well as during training.
  • Apply persuasive communication elements to everyday business situations to make messages more effective and efficient.
  • Practice the use of persuasion techniques to prepare for an upcoming situation that will require persuasive communication.
  • Deliver messages based on persuasion theory, using techniques of persuasive structure, storytelling, and effective data transfer.

Speaker: Patricia Scott, President and CEO, Uhmms, LLC
Storytelling Deep Dive for Trainers
If you struggle to find the right story that makes the right point for different situations, this session is for you. Logic explains. Stories persuade. Storytelling changes the lens and helps people to see, feel and understand at a deep level what you want them to understand. Learn to become a better storyteller and increase your value to your organization. You will become the trainer that everyone looks forward to learning from.
  • Develop a strategy for identifying the right story that makes the right point for the situation
  • Identify the most powerful and memorable point for each story
  • Make the point of your story memorable with a 'phrase that pays.'

Speaker: Doug Stevenson, President, Story Theater International
Storytelling for Trainers
Our brains have been wired to pass along information through story. So why wouldn't we use it more when we're designing speeches and training programs? In this session, the speaker will walk you through the steps to crafting and presenting compelling stories that create powerful learning moments.
  • Build a story from the ground up so that it has the key elements to maximize knowledge transfer.
  • Be able to decide which of the eight different types of stories you should use for each situation.
  • Tell your story in a more compelling way by combining proper design with presentation principles.

Speaker: James Robbins, Storyteller and Trainer, The James Robbins Company LLC
Successful Online Presentations: How to Plan, Design, and Deliver for the Virtual Environment
Now that all meetings and trainings are virtual, how do you keep business and professional development moving forward? Janine Kurnoff, co-founder of the Presentation Company, has spent the last 16 years helping Fortune 500 teams convert meeting and training content into high-impact, visually engaging virtual presentations that are just as good as face-to-face.
  • Design purposeful interaction with your virtual audience.
  • Create a two-way dialogue, not a monologue.
  • Build your online presence using virtual body language.

Speaker: Janine Kurnoff, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, The Presentation Company
Supercharge Your Learning With Games
Have you ever been to a workshop and wondered, 'How do I keep from falling asleep?' Workshops could be so much more engaging if they leveraged an instructional game. Learning how to easily design games will enable you and your organization to greatly enhance your interactive instructional design. This session will break down game design into simple steps that make it easy to captivate the interest of your workshop participants. Key benefits of game design that will be shared in this session are targeting your audience (Millennials love gaming), learning through experience, and reinforcing program content.
  • Determine when a game is a good fit for your learning programs.
  • Apply a step-by-step approach to complete an analysis and design for a learning game.
  • Develop a learning game based on the analysis, data, and design.

Speaker: Barbara Greenstein, Owner/Principal Consultant, Human Resource Prescriptions, LLC
The Entrepreneurial Talent Developer: Looking, Leveraging and Leading Learning
It's said that it takes a special person to be an entrepreneur. There's so much risk involved and so few guarantees. Imagine, however, if you used an entrepreneurial approach, internally, to change behavior and improve performance? Instead of seeing obstacles you saw opportunities. Instead of seeing red tape you saw readiness. And instead of hearing excuses you saw execution. This is a mindset shifting session. Ready to leverage learning?
  • Explore the five traits of entrepreneurial talent developers.
  • Discover methods to incorporate these traits to the tools and curriculum you currently use.
  • Discuss the skills that successful disruptive innovators employ.

Speaker: Jim Smith, President/CEO, Jim Smith Jr. International
The Introverted Trainer
Introverted trainers are as effective as extroverted trainers, although it may not always feel that way. In this session, we will look at both how to leverage our strengths and how to manage the challenges of introversion as a trainer.
  • Apply techniques to manage the challenges that introverts face when training.
  • Build confidence by recognizing their strengths as a trainer.
  • Reframe what may be perceived as a weakness into a strength.

Speaker: Beth Yoder, Managing Partner, Global Teams
Trainers Aren't Keynote Speakers
Good trainers aren't mini keynote presenters. They're like physical therapists. Because learning is something the learner must do---our job is to help and guide. In this session, learn how to design and facilitate learning experiences that are easier to understand, remember, and apply on the job.
  • Design learning experiences in and beyond the the classroom that are easy to understand.
  • Facilitate learning experiences that ensure retention, so more learning is applied on the job.
  • Explore how to transition from a keynote mindset to a physical therapist mindset.

Speaker: Jonathan Halls, Author and Talent Development Expert, Jonathan Halls LLC
Virtual Training: It's More Than Technology, It's Communication
Virtual training is awkward. But don't panic. In this session, the speaker will share techniques to deliver virtual learning experiences. Learn to use your voice, facilitate the chaos, and own the awkwardness of virtual training to deliver incredible results.
  • Practice voice and messaging techniques to engage your learners when you are not in the same space.
  • Build your influence and visibility by capitalizing on vocal awareness and techniques.
  • Facilitate the chaos, own the awkwardness, and deliver empowering virtual training.

Speaker: Hilary Blair, CEO & Co-Founder, ARTiculate: Real&Clear
Virtual Training Track
For those interested in tips and best practices for delivering synchronous online training.
Radically Remote: Take Your Virtual Training from Basic to Bold
Good remote training ≠ one-directional talking slides, with learners half asleep and drifting. When done well, attention is baked in and engagement remains high, ensuring real follow-through. Radically Remote, our free book/toolkit, helps all educators make their workshops just a little more rad.
  • Learn the Radically Remote framework for bold virtual facilitation.
  • Walk away in 30 minutes with a powerful toolkit for live online learner engagement.
  • Understand what free resources exist to shape sessions that break traditional online expectations.

Speaker: Joshua Davies, Conversation Architect, Knowmium

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Seven Best Practices to "Wow" your Live Virtual Training Audience
Learn seven best practices to"WOW" your virtual learners! These tips will enable you to showcase yourself both as a content expert and as a skilled virtual classroom instructor. By following these best practices, you will engage and challenge participants and deepen the learning.
  • Use proven best practices to create a virtual training design that engages and challenges learners.
  • Use interactive tools thoughtfully and skillfully to amplify learning.
  • Analyze your own skillset and readiness to deliver effectively in a virtual environment.

Speaker: Janet Lockhart-Jones, President/Principal Consultant, Project Partners

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