Technology Application at ATD Virtual Conference

Adapted from our popular ATD Core 4 Conference: the Technology Application track is designed to provide trainers with the fundamentals of e-learning and using technology to support learning and performance.

Topics covered consist of e-learning design, gamification, virtual classroom facilitation, animations, learning ecosystems, and more!

Preview sessions in the Technology Application track
Preparing Your Company for an Immersive Learning Program
Immersive learning is a powerful tool that can help your team achieve learning goals in a meaningful and hands-on way. In this session, get everyone in your organization on board with what you need to know to make an immersive learning program a success.
How to Create and Deliver Effective Synchronous Learning Programs in the Virtual World
Join this session to learn techniques for creating and delivering synchronous presentations and webinars that are truly engaging.
Cool Tools: Apps and Tools to Jump Forward
During this session you'll learn amazing ways to use your mobile, desktop, and cloud-based apps to quickly create, brainstorm, and deliver content.
Unleash Your Potential at ATD Virtual Conference

Learning Technology content from ATD

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